When it Comes to Mortgages, What’s in a Team?

By TRINA MURPHY of Guild Mortgage

Have you ever noticed our fascination with sports?  We love to watch them on TV or buy tickets and be right in the middle of the action. Our kids play at competitive levels from an early age.  And, who isn’t totally enthralled with our Olympians? The work and dedication they show to get to their level of play is some pretty impressive stuff!  Even in the work force we like to make analogies between work and sports.

I am one of those sports junkies.

With the college basketball season getting ever closer to the “big tournament,” I have been thinking about team work. About how the team at Missoula’s Guild Mortgage is a lot like a basketball team when it comes to helping you obtain a home.  You may be thinking, “Really, Trina?  Basketball is nothing like getting a mortgage.”

Please, just hear me out.

Let’s start with the loan officer. They work with their clients to choose the right mortgage program for their situation.  Much like a coach, who makes up the plays and decide which ones to run in order for the team to win the game.

From there the processor takes over.  They make sure the correct paperwork is in the file and work on details with the underwriter. They are the point guard who takes the ball down court and keeps the game moving.

Next, it goes to the underwriter or in sports world, the referee. They makes sure the ‘points’ of the file are consistent with the rule book.  They will call out penalties, or conditions that are needed for approval.  If they issue conditions, the loan officer (aka the coach) goes back to the client and creates a new game plan. In most cases, that plan includes you bringing in additional paperwork. This updated paperwork is given to the underwriter in hopes that penalty turns into points!

Once the underwriter decides there are no outstanding conditions, the file moves to the funder. Their job is to fine tune the final documents, review them after the borrower signs, and wire the money to the title company to be disbursed to the seller. The funder is much like the center who jumps for the rebound and lays the ball right back into the basket!  Swish…

That’s it!  Hooray!  You’ve won the game!

And the trophy?  Why a new home, of course!


Trina Murphy – Branch Manager/Loan Officer

For over 20 years it’s been my privilege to help people finance their home ownership dreams. A lot has changed in the industry in those 20 plus years. My experience as a mortgage lender and manager is more important now than ever in navigating my clients through one of life’s more challenging adventures. The assistance I provide is complemented by working for Guild Mortgage, a company that pairs the resources of a large company with the efficiencies of a small one. I am proud my team consistently delivers smooth loan closings. That’s because we understand that it’s not just a house, it’s your home. Branch NMLS # 398152 ž Individual NMLS # 392310 ž NMLS ID # 3274