How to Quit your Job Gracefully

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We’ve all probably heard horror stories about the frightful and irreverent ways people quit their jobs.

And while some of you may occasionally feel like walking away from your job with flair and panache, it is rarely ever an intelligent career move and could result in less than stellar references and a poor professional reputation.

By quitting your job gracefully you ensure good references and the continuation of friendships with your coworkers as well as enhance your chances of finding future employment.

Here are a few tips for resigning in a gracious and professional manner:

Enhance your CV and boost your chances of finding a job in Missoula.

  1. Give appropriate and timely notice. It is usually proper to give your employer at least two weeks’ notice that you will be leaving. When in doubt, check the policy manual and act accordingly. By providing adequate notice you allow your employer to plan ahead and ensure a smooth transition for yourself. In addition, always tell your boss of your decision before you vocalize your resignation to your coworkers!
  2. Help the company transition. Offer to help train your replacement or develop a succession plan document that outlines your duties within the company. Your employer will appreciate it!
  3. Write a resignation letter. It is always a good idea to compose a professional resignation letter. Not only does it give details about your last day and provide the company with official notice of your resignation, it also helps you maintain a positive relationship with your former employer.
  4. Return all company property. If your company has entrusted you with keys, computers, or other tools, remember to return these items before you go.
  5. Clean your desk and computer. Be courteous to the individual who will be taking your spot and make sure the desk is spotless. In addition, save the IT Specialist time by deleting unneeded emails and files from your computer.
  6. Find out about employee benefits. Make sure you ask your boss or HR manager about pensions, insurance options, and the status of your 401K. It is always important to stay informed about your finances!
  7. Say thank you. Finally, thank your former boss for the opportunity to work for her or him. Let your employer know that you appreciated the chance to learn new skills and develop relationships.


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