Electric Versus Compressed Air Vehicles

I think that the way to change the world for the better is to broadcast a tiny idea every day.  After a while people have hundreds of tiny bits of information and then they start to draw conclusions that change the way they eat, the way they vote, and the way the spend their money.

I refer to this as “Instead of being angry at bad guys, build a better world.  One brick at a time.”

I mention this because I think that what I have for you today is an especially good brick.  And I hope that you will pass this on to other folks.

There are two huge problems with the electric car:

1)  The range of 80 to 150 miles combined with how it takes so long to recharge, and the lack of availability of charging stations.

2)  The toxic gick in the batteries combined with how they will eventually need to replaced at great expense.  And the expense of these batteries leads to expense for initial purchase.

Compressed air vehicles can be recharged at any gas station that offers air for your tires – in about three minutes.  The initial cost of the vehicle is much less than the electric vehicles and the stored energy is not toxic – just air.

A hybrid has been announced that will get 117mpg.

Cheaper, cleaner and more efficient than electric.  A massive game changer.


Read more of the discussion about compressed air vehicles happening on Permies.com


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