Breakfast in the Bitterroot: Pie and Paintings at Glen’s Cafe


Missoula baby boomers, are you ready for another breakfast in the Bitterroot? Welcome to Glen’s Café in Florence, where paintings and pie accompany your breakfast. According to Google Maps, Glen’s is about a 24–minute drive south on Highway 93 from Missoula, which means you won’t have to get up too early to enjoy your bacon and eggs.

Although the menu selections are about what you’d expect in a family restaurant – eggs, bacon, French toast, pancakes, omelets -– it’s the atmosphere that makes the meal special. (Glen’s also serves lunch. Try the hamburger).

The numerous paintings hanging on the walls are an art gallery that pays tribute to the owner’s grandmother Dolore Mikesell and her son, Justin Moore.

Dining at Glen’s is more like coming to your mother’s house for a home-cooked meal. The log cabin has an open kitchen design; you can practically talk to the cook who’s preparing your meal. There’s friendly conversation back and forth between the patrons and the staff. Plus, the refrigerator has photographs plastered all over it – just like at your mom’s.

The numerous paintings hanging on the walls are an art gallery that pays tribute to the owner’s grandmother and son. Dolores Mikesell (grandmother) painted the oils and Justin Moore (son) created the pastel paintings. Enjoy browsing, however none of the paintings are for sale.

Why not a little pie to go with your bacon, eggs and pancakes?

Dessert with breakfast? But of course. You can’t come to Glen’s Café without trying a piece of pie. I recommend the sour cream and raisin pie. It’s the original recipe of Dolores Mikesell’s sister and has been served since Glen’s first opened its doors to hungry customers. Go ahead, buy an entire pie to take home. I’ll give you ideas for working it off.

After pigging out on breakfast and pie, why not take a left turn onto Highway 83 and drive up to Lolo Pass on your return to Missoula? Depending on the time of year, you can either walk off all that deliciousness on a hike or spend your calories on a snowshoe trail before heading home. Visiting Traveler’s Rest State Park is another option. How long has it been since you explored Montana’s history?

Have you enjoyed breakfast (or lunch) at Glen’s Café? Post a comment to share your favorite meal with us. Me? I’m going back for the pie.

If you go:

Glenns Cafe
157 Long Ave
Florence. MT
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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