5 tips For Finding Meaning and Happiness at Work

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Do you sell on the phone? Remember to smile as you talk–your customers can hear it on their end of the line.

Do you ever wake up and feel like staying home from work? At times, does your job seem uninspiring? Is it more of a burden than a joy? While employment doesn’t necessarily mean fulfillment every minute, I’ve compiled a few tips that might help you find joy and happiness in your job.

1. Discover greater purpose in your work—Have you ever asked yourself to define the larger purpose of your job? Perhaps it is time to focus on the big picture and not just the mundane tasks you perform each day. What you do at work has an impact on your community and society. Ask yourself how you influence and help your world. Most companies develop a specific mission statement. Check it out. With knowledge of your place within the larger scheme, you will feel inspired and purposeful.

2. Strive to learn new skills—Every job—from employment as a customer service representative to working as an assembly line operative—offers the chance to learn something new. Ask yourself what new skills you can pick up from the job. Personal growth is always possible and could be as simple as developing patience or learning how to calmly deal with irate customers. The skills you learn at work may not always relate to the specific tasks you perform each day. They could, however, help you develop as an individual.

3. Build personal relationships—If you work full time, you probably spend more waking time each week with your co-workers than you do with your family and friends. Forge friendships with these people. Even if the work you perform is not satisfying or pleasurable every day, having even one person you work with that you enjoy being around will make your life so much better.

4. Avoid negativity—Every office has individuals who like to complain and stir up rumors. Avoid those people. Do not get drawn into their destructive conversations. Try your best to focus on the positive aspects of your work rather than the negative.

5. Do something you love each day—Not all work needs to be drudgery and intense labor. Focus on small moments each day that create personal happiness. Water a plant. Drink a latte. Read a book on your break. Find something simple that brings you joy and incorporate these moments into your work day.

Hopefully these tips will help you enjoy your time at work today!


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