Tips for Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

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In this difficult job market it becomes imperative to use all sources to improve your chances of finding meaningful employment.

Professionals are increasingly turning to social media to help them search for jobs, and LinkedIn is one of the best of these tools. Many job seekers, however, are not yet taking advantage of this valuable site.

Here are a few ideas to aid you in finding a job using LinkedIn:

  1. Make sure your profile is complete and up to date: You can set up your LinkedIn profile so that you are discoverable by employers doing online searches. If you do, make certain your LinkedIn profile is well-written and complete to attract professionals searching for you! You can also ask your colleagues to provide you with recommendations, highlighting the skills you possess. In addition, make sure your profile is not set to “private.” Employers won’t be interested unless they can see your skills.
  2. Upload a professional headshot: You want to make a good first impression. Part of your presentation should include a professional headshot. Do not use a casual shot. Make sure employers see you at your very best!
  3. Tell your networks and contacts you are searching for a job. You can also use the status update feature to let your connections know you are looking for employment. Your contacts—who probably work in the same field—may have knowledge about job openings or other opportunities.
  4. Research. You can find companies that employ people with your skill set by searching for individuals with your education or talents. Check out where they are working and then follow the business! By following the business, you will receive updates from the company, some concerning openings. For example, if you are a wildlife biologist in Seattle, search profiles using keywords with your skills and you will find specific companies that employ biologists.
  5. Join a number of groups that fit your interests and network. For instance, if you are a University of Montana alumnus, join that group. If you are a businesswoman, join the Montana Businesswoman’s network. These connections may provide you with information about internships and job opportunities.
  6. Search for jobs on LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to search for jobs using keywords, location, company, and job title. Check out opportunities in your field and area!
  7. Use recommendations: Your contacts can recommend your skills and expertise. Make sure to accept their testimonials. Positive feedback from professionals in your field can help build and enhance your LinkedIn profile.
  8. Set up email alerts: LinkedIn allows you to set up a daily or weekly alert of opportunities matching your education and skills. These updates ensure you won’t miss out on important opportunities.

If you are serious about finding a professional job and utilizing your skills, don’t forget LinkedIn! It provides you with innovative networking opportunities that can enhance your job search.


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