Police Department Plans for Extra Enforcement for Griz-Cat Weekend

The Missoula Police Department, along with the Montana Highway Patrol Traffic Safety Enforcement Team, will staff additional DUI enforcement patrols along with downtown patrols and party patrols this weekend.The emphasis will be on Friday night through Saturday afternoon following the University of Montana/Montana State University football game. The goal is to prevent crashes by removing impaired drivers from streets and highways and to allow a safe and fun weekend for everyone attending the game and events downtown.People planning to have house parties should please keep their neighbors in mind. If neighbors call 911 about a loud party, responding officers can and will cite and make arrests if appropriate. Hosts of loud parties who do not cooperate when police respond to a 911 call could draw citations or arrests and could result in eviction by a landlord.

Drivers who plan to drink alcohol should plan ahead with designated drivers. There are also other safe ride options in Missoula County:• Yellow Cab 543-6644
• Green Taxi 728-8294
• Home Safe Missoula- Certain bars are members for their patrons.
• Ucallus 880-1673
• Missoula Designated Driver Program- At participating bars, a patron can ask a server for a sober driver wristband. The patron can drink free soda all night, turn the wristband in to the server with the patron’s name and number on it and receive a new wristband at subsequent participating bars.The extra patrols will be funded by the Selective Traffic Enforcement Programs grant through the Montana Department of Transportation.