Say Hello to the Missoula Street Style Fashion Blog


Hello! Welcome to Make it Missoula’s Street Style Blog! I’m Jaclyn, Owner and Stylist at MaudeLady Vintage.

In addition to running my business, I am finishing my fourth and final year seeking my Business Marketing degree here at the University of Montana.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to fashion and new trends. Always experimenting with new looks and styles. What is most fascinating about style is the ability to change and the impact an outfit can have, the distinction it can offer.

I fell in love with vintage and mid-century style at the beginning of college and have been exploring and gaining inspiration from it ever since. It’s just timeless. I find it strangely nostalgic, as I’m longing for a time I’ve never truly known.

I love a variety of styles and will simply be seeking fashion. I often hear, “Only you could pull that off.” Not True. If you put it on, you’re pulling it off!

Missoula is throbbing with life, a place where trendy people roam the streets. I’m thrilled to have a place to start sharing the wonderful people I am constantly uncovering. My objective is strictly to expose to Missoula, the citizens that set the trends for our streets.

Thanks for reading!

Get dressed up and hit the town, I’ll meet you there!



Hi! I’m Jaclyn, owner and stylist at MaudeLady Vintage. Besides spending all my days in the Business Building at the University of Montana becoming a marketing expert, I can be found frolicking the streets of downtown Missoula in search of coffee, vintage treasures, and ridiculously, insanely stylish people.