Missoula Story of the Week: Montanans Helping with Hurricane Sandy Relief


Montanans see their share of natural disasters – from forest fires, to blizzards, to spring-flooding – so our state realizes the importance of coming together and helping neighbors when times get tough. Fortunately, our state doesn’t see disasters as immense as our country’s eastern-seaboard is experiencing right now.

Earlier this week, Hurricane Sandy left millions without power and has left uprooted trees, flooded towns, and utter destruction in its wake.

The images coming from the areas affected by the storm are heartbreaking and disturbing. It will likely be days, if not weeks before the entire magnitude of the disaster is known.

While Montana will hopefully never know, or witness such a disaster in its state, we realize the importance of coming together and helping our fellow citizens in time of need. Just this summer, a 20-person wildland fire crew from New York was deployed to Montana to help fight the wildfires we endured.

Red Cross of Montana is helping with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

It seems as if it is Montana’s turn to return the favor and help those who helped us in our state’s time of need. If history is any indication, our state will come together and help our fellow Americans on the east coast in any way we can.

The Montana Chapter of the Red Cross is currently taking donations to help victims of Hurricane Sandy and has already deployed volunteers to the area to assist in the relief organization, according to a KPAX.com article.

When the time comes, the area will likely need as many volunteers as the Red Cross can muster. The organization is gearing up to send a coordinated relief effort to the areas in need of help. In the meantime people are encouraged to send cash donations to the Red Cross.

The size and scope of the disaster means the Red Cross will need every donation possible in the coming weeks and months. While financial contributions are the most effective way to help victims, blood supplies may run low simply because blood drives on the east coast will suffer.

People can visit the Montana Red Cross website or call 1.800.272.6668. Contributions may also be sent to American Red Cross of Montana, 1300 28th Street South, Great Falls, MT 59405.


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