City of Missoula Begins Leaf Collection on Nov. 6th

The City of Missoula will begin fall leaf pickup on Tuesday, Nov. 6, starting in the downtown Special District #1.

The schedule is starting one week later than usual this year, in an effort to collect more fallen leaves from the first neighborhoods on the schedule. Leaves are falling earlier than usual this fall, so this season’s collection could gather a large volume of leaves.

Leaf collection will visit Area 1, on the north side of the city, Nov. 7-9, then move to central Missoula south of the river and throughout the city through Dec. 7.

When leaf collection is disrupted by snow, Street Maintenance Division crews make every attempt to travel back through the neighborhoods.

See This year’s leaf collection flyer on the City of Missoula website, along with other useful information.

Leaf collection benefits everyone by removing leaves and recycling them at Eko Compost. The program has four main goals: 1) keep city streets clean; 2) help save space at the local landfill; 3) save residents the cost and hassle of bagging leaves; and 4) further Missoula’s recycling efforts by helping turn leaves into compost for local use.

City crews depend on citizens to make leaf collection work.

• Please rake leaves to the curbs but not out into the bike lanes or driving lanes. Make piles long and narrow.

• When parking, please allow room for Street Division crews to get to leaf piles with loaders and trucks. Leaf collection is followed by street sweeping as weather permits. See the flyer for parking instructions during sweeping.

• Leaves only, please. Debris and limbs delays leaf pickup and can damage equipment.

• Trees must be pruned to a minimum of 14 feet over the street to the inside edge of the curb line. If your trees do not meet this requirement, they may have to be trimmed by City crews to complete leaf collection.

After the annual leaf collection program ends Nov. 25, Street Division crews will continue to collect leaves intermittently until the first snowfall. If you miss your neighborhood’s scheduled pickup time, please call the Street Maintenance Division at 552-6360 to be placed on a list for another collection time.