FWP Offers New Improved Montana Hunt Planner Map

The Montana Hunter Planner just got rejuvenated—right in time for Montana’s primetime hunting seasons.

The new, improved Montana Hunt Planner is an interactive search and now combines a one-stop mapping service. It’s tied into Montana’s hunting regulations, harvest statistics, the Block Management Area Mapping System, and the Upland Game Bird Mapper to name but a few of the new services united with the planner mapping system.

“Hunters can now view multiple access opportunities simultaneously on the FWP website, just click “For FWP Maps,” said Ron Aasheim, spokesman for Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks in Helena.  “The Montana Hunt Planner provides a new powerful mapping tool that now includes Block Management Areas, Open Fields, Upland Game Bird Enhancement Projects, Wildlife Management Areas and more.”

Hunters can even generate GPS location files via the new Hunt Planner map. “The GPS file can be saved and uploaded to a hunter’s GPS unit,” Aasheim said.

Additional information is now available via clicking on features in the map.  Clicking on many of the map’s features provides links to other FWP web pages.

The interactive map also offers improved base maps.  Aasheim said the new Montana Hunt Planner map provides broad- and fine-scale images of hunting access opportunities, which allows hunters to tailor their hunting plans using the topographic, color satellite imagery, and land stewardship base maps.

“We’ve done our best to make the Montana Hunt Planner user friendly,” Aasheim said. “If you use other web-based map systems for directions and travel, this will feel pretty familiar. If you are new to interactive maps, just start clicking here and there and you’ll quickly get the hang of it.”

Most of Montana’s upland game bird hunting and antelope seasons are underway. The general deer and elk hunting seasons are set to open Oct. 20.

For more information, visit FWP’s website at fwp.mt.gov. Click “Montana Hunt Planner“.