Photo Gallery: The Fail Safe Project Plays Monk’s Bar


Clod-stomping, face-melting rock and roll is not dead. If you think so, then you obviously weren’t at Monk’s last night.

The Fail Safe Project brought the house down for an intimate crowd following equally-powerful sets from local standout Red Carpet Devils and Colorado’s own Hot Apostles. We were even rewarded with a three-song encore, the last of which had never before been played live.

Hailing from Spokane, Washington, Fail Safe was originally a side project not even meant to appear onstage. In their own words, “it became clear that what was coming out was so inspired and fueled by passion…that it was destined for big things.”

With this realization came the 2011 release of Fail Safe’s self-titled EP. The first time I witnessed the passionate ferocity that is TFSP, they were opening for Saving Abel at the same venue; for the next week, I listened to “Chasing Time” and “Happening Again” on repeat until my ear bled.

Despite the group’s limited catalog, TSFP is touring at a pace that rivals the 1980s Crue. Tonight they’ll be headlining in Moses Lake, Wash., once again paired with Hot Apostles. Saturday sees them in Fife, Wash., for Dreamfest 2012 followed by another headliner in Moscow, Idaho on September 28th at John’s Alley.

For booking info and concert announcements, The Fail Safe Project can be found on Facebook and MySpace. Their self-titled EP is available in the iTunes store, as well as on Spotify. For Monk’s event announcements, check out their Facebook page or give them a ring at 406-549-0435.



Austin Smith in a tie

Austin Smith is a 21-year resident of the Missoula area, and an ardent fisherman, hunter, and snowboarder. When not working on the University of Montana campus, taking classes in the Journalism program, or contributing to the social media efforts of several local organizations, he enjoys spending time outdoors with his Akita and his family.