Missoula Police Department Increase Patrols for Homecoming Weekend

The Missoula Police Department will staff extra patrol cars beginning Friday night throughout the weekend to help keep Missoula safe during University of Montana homecoming festivities.

Homecoming weekend is traditionally very busy for the community and unfortunately also for emergency services. The Police Department will have additional patrols in the downtown area as well as additional DUI enforcement and party patrols.

The goal is for Missoula residents and visitors to have a fun homecoming weekend that is safe and within the law. Police Department staff members remind everyone to have designated drivers or to use a driving service or public transit to get home safely. They also ask those hosting loud parties to think about their neighbors.

The Missoula Police Department will respond to party complaints and will if necessary issue citations or make arrests. This results in not only an arrest or citation but could also lead to eviction for a renter.

Impaired driving is a serious problem in our community. The Missoula Police Department has a zero-tolerance policy for DUI; people who are stopped and impaired will be arrested. The citizens of Missoula have helped tremendously in this area by simply reporting impaired drivers.

Anyone who sees a suspected impaired driver should call 911 with a good description of thevehicle and if possible a license plate number and a direction of travel. Directly after the homecoming football game, there will be units assigned to the UM area strictly for DUI enforcement. Fans should plan ahead and refrain from driving if they have been drinking.