Missoula Story of the Week: Bigfoot Killed on Highway 93


Montana drivers are well aware of the dangers wildlife poses to travelers on the state’s roadways. Whether it is a deer, elk, or even the occasional bear crossing a busy highway, the result is often deadly for the animal and can be equally tragic for the driver.

Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common on Montana’s motorways. While hitting a deer is nothing rare in Montana, this week something much stranger happened when two vehicles struck what first appeared to be an animal whose very existence has been argued about.

Tragically, the animal was a 44 year-old Flathead man who dressed as a mythical creature in order to make people believe they had seen a Sasquatch, according to a KPAX.com news story.

Randy Lee, who according to friends was dressed in a military-style ghillie suit, was struck by two separate cars both driven by Somers teenagers. The tragic accident claimed the life of the 44 year-old Flathead Valley man.

Recently, the popularity of shows like the Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” has increased public interest in the undiscovered creature.

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Almost everyone has heard of someone being awoken while camping to the sounds of something seemingly unexplainable convincing them they were in the presence of a Bigfoot or some other strange creature. These stories are both exciting and relatable to audiences and have created a lot of talk about someone finding an animal that has yet to be discovered.

It is easy to see how creating a hoax in which someone was made to believe they had encountered a Sasquatch could be hard to resist, especially when such a sighting would likely garner national and even international attention. However as this accident demonstrates, it is never a good idea to impersonate wildlife for a variety of reasons.

So before you, or your friend decides to don a giant fish costume in hopes of creating a fake Loch Ness like sighting on a Montana lake be aware that your actions, while seemingly hilarious at first might be putting your life and the lives of others at risk.


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