Detour on South Riverfront Trail Slated for August 17th

Short Detour On South Riverfront Trail Slated For August 17

Bicycle and pedestrian commuters should expect a short detour on the south shore Riverfront Trail, just east of Higgins Av., on Friday, August 17*.  Commuters may wish to leave a few minutes early to ensure they reach their destination on time.

A 300’ trail section, located near the Missoulian building and Toole Park, will be closed from approximately 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. for paving. Pedestrian and bicycle traffic  will be detoured from the Boone and Crockett headquarters (old Milwaukee Depot) onto Higgins Av., south to 4th Street, and then east on 4th Street to return to the trail. Paving improves accessibility and travel conditions for bicycle and pedestrian commuters year-round.  For more information on this project, call Parks and Trails Development Manager Dave Shaw at 552-6264.

*Time and date for this trail closure are subject to change.  Visit for updates.

FAQs About Trail Paving

Why Pave Trails?

Commuting for many folks is a year round activity.  Winter and spring moisture and freeze/thaw cycles cause icy and/or muddy conditions where surfaces are not paved.  Some folks use electric or other chairs to gain access to UM and other important community destinations.  Poor conditions make commuting more challenging. Primary commuter routes require hard surfaces that the Department can keep clear of ice, snow, mud, and other debris year round for greatest accessibility and use.

What about permeable surfacing?

Alternative products have been researched extensively and to date, cost has been 5 to 6 times greater than asphalt and durability less than asphalt.  Silver Park will include internal trail systems using permeable or alternative surfacing.  Non-priority commuter and recreation trails, such as those through Clark Fork Natural Park and McCormick Park remain cushion (gravel mix.)  As current trail width permits, a gravel run path will be left unpaved adjacent to the paved trail.

What does the August 17 project cost?

This area has been on the Departments’ list for many years as this is the second busiest bike/ped commute site in our community. The highest is at University and Arthur or the entry to UM campus. Project cost is less than $6000 in materials, plus city staff time (Street Division paving crew and Parks.)  The project was discussed through the budget process and approved by Council.