Fireworks Illegal in Missoula City Limits and Parts of County

City of Missoula reminds residents and visitors that fireworks are illegal within the city limits, as well as in county parks and in forested lands throughout the state.

The City’s Independence Day safety and education campaign, “This Isn’t Rocket Science,” encourages the public to continue the Fourth of July tradition safely.

Long-established ordinances banning the use of fireworks within the city limits are in place to increase safety for all residents and to decrease personal injuries and property loss in fires. Fireworks traumatize pets and lead to lost dogs after the dogs run in fear. They also disrupt sleep and disturb neighbors. In Missoula, Parks personnel spend many hours cleaning up fireworks debris in the days following the holiday.

To report illegal fireworks activity within the city limits during the holiday, call the fireworks report line at 258-4850. The report line will remain online through July 5. The Missoula 911 Center will be receiving calls through the report line, and we urge the public to use the report line for all fireworks complaints beginning Thursday, June 28, and to dial 911 for emergencies.

Missoula Police Department officers and Missoula Fire Department staff members will team up in special patrol units to respond to fireworks-related calls on July 3 and 4.

Public fireworks displays have been permitted by the City at the Osprey baseball game Tuesday evening, July 3, and at Southgate Mall on July 4 in the evening. These events are run by licensed and insured professionals.

According to new national statistics from the National Fire Protection Association, in 2010 fireworks used by individuals caused 15,500 reported fires and $36 million in direct property