Introducing the West’s Best Nest Osprey Webcam

It is with great pleasure that Make it Missoula, SuzAnne and Sterling Miller of Dunrovin Ranch, and the University of Montana’s Wildlife Biology Program present The West’s Best Nest osprey webcam!

Watch the osprey of Dunrovin Ranch in action as they build this year’s nest, nurture their eggs, and raise their brood. You’ll also catch a glimpse of the Dunrovin horses and dogs as they roam the grounds, and the daily comings and goings on the ranch.

 Dunrovin tells us the eggs are going to hatch any time now. They have set up a special Twitter Account at If you think you’re the first to see eggs hatching be sure to Tweet “@OspreyHatching #mtosprey”. This will send an alert out to all those who have set up their phones to get a text when @OspreyHatching is mentioned. 

View LiveStream of the Osprey CamWant to get the alert? Sure you do! That way, you can run to the computer and log back in to see the action. Here’s how to do it. You don’t even need a twitter account!  Just send a text message to 40404 with the words “Follow OspreyHatching”. Easy as that. 

If you want to stop getting those texts, just send “Leave OspreyHatching” to 40404. 

Now, back to the info:

The live osprey web camera at Dunrovin Ranch in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley introduces you to Ozzie and Harriett, their chicks, and their bird’s eye view of Dunrovin.

Share in the wonder, awe, and humanity of living with this glorious family of osprey. Only through watching them and being in the moment with them that you will come to embrace them as neighbors who live in the nest.

When the Millers bought the land that is now Dunrovin Ranch in 1997, an osprey nest was already established at the top of a power pole. Since that time, the nest has been used by ospreys nearly every year.

A male osprey chick perches on a branch near Dunrovin Ranch

The Dunrovin Ranch webcam was first installed in 2010, in cooperation with the University of Montana Osprey Study.

The nest was moved from its original power pole to a pole in the ranch’s riding arena to create a safer place for Ozzie and Harriet. Last year, two chicks were banded. Dunrovin also purchased a new camera, so that the UM study can install the original elsewhere and broaden their observations.

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If you enjoy the osprey webcam, please consider making a donation to help Dunrovin and the UM maintain and improve it so that we can broadcast these beautiful birds to even more people.

Visit the West’s Best Nest main page to see the osprey webcam. You can also find links under the orange community tab or by clicking on the little osprey at the very top of any Make it Missoula page.

As you get to know them, may you, too, hold your breath with every chick’s first flight.