Photo Gallery: Los Lonely Boys at the Wilma Theater


Wednesday night, the Texas-based group Los Lonely Boys played at the Wilma Theater to a considerable weeknight crowd.

Anna Bissonette and her husband, Trini, are big fans of the trio and made their way from Hamilton to celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary.

“I’ve been waiting for them to come,” Anna says. “I’m really glad that they are here in Montana,” she adds.

The last time the Bissonettes had a chance to see the Los Lonely Boys was roughly three years ago in Billings for a blues festival. The show ended early because the drummer, Ringo, became ill, Anna says.

This tour, the Los Lonely Boys didn’t let their fans down and played to an energized crowd.

Anna describes their sound as being kind of bluesy, jazzy, country, with a little bit of rock.

According to the band’s website, Rockpango is a sound coined by the Los Lonely Boys. Its sound is a full-scale Tex-Mex American roots rock party that draws from fandango (a beat of loving celebration) and huapango (another Latin rhythm).

The Los Lonely Boys are currently touring in an effort to promote their new album, Rockpango.

The band consists of three brothers, Henry (guitar, vocals), Jojo (bass, vocals), and Ringo (drums, vocals) Garza.

The Los Lonely Boys are well known for their double-platinum, self-titled album, which features the radio hit “Heaven.”

For more information on upcoming concerts at the Wilma Theater, visit their website.





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