As Long as it’s Not Pajama Jeans…

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By W.T. Fuchs

A man visiting Missoula entered K-Mart on Brooks Street and asked to settle up on a list of late-pay layaways. When asked which ones, he replied that he would take care of the full attic of toys that weren’t likely to reach deserving girls and boys at Christmas this year because of financial hardships.

The clerk practically dropped her teeth when he said he would pay the entire list, which totaled over $1,000. Lucky recipients were elated when notified.

Word has it, the man had done a similar good deed in his home state of Michigan last week, and says he enjoys helping others during the holidays.

But somehow, in the confusion, we hear he did decline to pay for a few items…

Among them: An MSU Bobcat Snuggie, a Martha Stewart-Sings-Liberace Holiday Classics CD, and a pair of pajama jeans.

We’ve always known that friends shouldn’t let friends wear pajama jeans. Apparently, good samaritans don’t either.