The Best Missoula Neighborhood for Trick or Treating Is…

…Grant Creek!

Halloween is still alive and well in Missoula, Montana, at least in the Grant Creek neighborhood. Tonight, we enjoyed it for what it is: A celebration of kids being kids, young and old. A chance to play dress up. An opportunity to imagine “what if,” to be a favorite super hero. Or just an excuse to let loose and be someone else for the night.

Oh, to see the glee and excitement on the face of a child, pretending to be someone else. And to see that same look in the face of their parents, re-living their own childhood trick o’ treating experience. It was all good. It was all fun.

And while the costumes have changed, the experience is still the same. How fun to capture it on the front door step tonight. Makes me wonder what the costumes will be 5, 10, or even 20 years from now.

But on this night, October 31, 2011, here’s a glimpse of what kids (and some parents) in Grant Creek were imagining:


By the Make it Missoula editorial staff. Photos by Carol Blodgett.

So, what do you think? Was Grant Creek Missoula’s most festive neighborhood last night? Or was there a spookier, sparklier spot in town? No matter where you live, you gotta admit that Missoula’s got spirit!