16th Annual Missoula Hempfest

The 16th Annual Missoula Hempfest is happening Saturday,  September 10, 2011 from Noon-10:30pm at Caras Park in Downtown Missoula. Hempfest is an educational and celebratory event of low-thc industrial hemp and its over 25,000 uses!

From plastics to paper, food to fuel, hemp is an amazing viable crop that our U.S. Government refuses to recognize. One that can reverse global warming, provide green building, support local farmers across the U.S., all while creating thousands of new jobs for Americans…all…if they would allow us to grow it again on American soil, as our forefathers before us.

The US imports more Canadian hemp than any other country. It is time to educate yourself and take action. LET U.S. FARMERS GROW HEMP! Be a part of history in the making. Please join us as we celebrate all things hemp.

Hempfest is an annual fundraiser for the Montana Hemp Council, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting education and dispelling myths regarding industrial hemp.

Industrial hemp offers a significant contribution toward solutions to many problems facing our environment, our economy and our health. Learn more