The EdgeMaster: How to Sharpen a Serrated Knife Blade


The Edgemaster

Two bucks.

The serrated blade on my leatherman was dull.  Really dull.  I had never sharpened a serrated blade and figured I would need to figure it out soon.  I imagined it would involve small round files and a half hour of careful sharpening.

Ray has a knife sharpening booth just outside the Army Navy store in Missoula. There is an extension cord coming out of a second floor window to power Ray’s grinding wheel.

His sign said “SHARPENING $2.00 PER BLADE” .

“How much for a serrated blade?”

“Two bucks.”

So I handed him the leatherman opened to the serrated blade.

The tip was sharpened the way you would sharpen a normal knife blade and then he used almost exclusively the power rag buffer wheel which he kept loaded with a fine grit.

I passed this video around to a lot of forums and got a lot of feedback from experts on sharpening serrated blades.  Apparently, the way I was thinking of doing it is the best way, but the way Ray did it was a close second.   And Ray’s technique is about 20 times faster.

Note how Ray rubs the blade on the wood once in a while.  That takes off any weak edge metal.   This is to make sure that the only edge left is an edge that will last.

The blade I got back was freaky sharp.

Two bucks.  A helluva deal.


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