When Do You Run?

By ANDERS BROOKER, Missoula Marathon Race Director

As the owner of a running store, a high school coach, and race director, there is one statement I hear often: “You must be able to run all the time!”

Initially, that was my thought. It would be great. I would own a running store and run all the time, it doesn’t get any better then that!  And, it doesn’t.  I am one of the luckiest guys I know; I can make a living doing and being part of something that I love.  The only problem is… as I spend more time around the sport, I get in fewer and fewer miles.

My life is running. I don’t know how else to put it.   And although it’s my passion, I still struggle to fit in my own runs everyday.  Whether you are the runner who is out the door every morning at 5 a.m. or the one who hits the treadmill after the kids are asleep, I applaud you for fitting it in!

With thousands of local runners in the middle of their training for the Missoula Marathon, it reminds me of the commitment as runners we have to “get it in.”

I think the biggest hurdle that most marathoners face isn’t the distance.  It is making the commitment and being able stick to it without life getting in the way.

Marathon running is a sport for all shapes and sizes, all abilities and aspirations.  But if you can’t fit the time in, you simply can’t accomplish your goals.  The runners I look up to are the ones who are out there everyday training and making it a priority.  Even with your busy life, you are finding a way to “get it in.”

Thinking about all the runners that make their training or fitness a priority is inspiring. I don’t know about you, but tomorrow I am going to make sure take some time to lace up the shoes and head out in the sun and get my run in.

Happy Running!

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Anders Brooker opened The Runners Edge in July of 2001.  When he is not in the store, he is probably coaching the Hellgate High School Cross Country in the Fall and the distance runners during the track season.  If that wasn’t enough running in his life, he just recently found himself in the role of Missoula Marathon race director.