Missoula Junior Golf Fundraiser


Todd gave me permission to post a quick update on the Grip it and Rip it Golf Blog today. I heard about a cool fundraiser for the Junior Golf Program in town and stopped by with my phone to shoot a quick video.

In the end, 3 different groups played a combined 187 holes between 7:50 am and dark that evening. People had donated a set amount per hole. They had expected to play about 120 holes, but ended up with an amazing 187 played.

Every golfer had to play the ball all the way into the hole.

The program could still use donations, so if you want to support Junior Golf in the Missoula area, give the Ranch Club a call at 406-532-1000 for details. Also mark your calendars for Saturday, May 21. The Ranch Club is also sponsoring a fun day of activities for golfer of all ages.

Finally, keep up to speed with the Junior Golf Scene by visiting the Missoula Junior Golf page on Facebook and clicking “Like”.


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