Bike Panniers from Kitty Litter Buckets


For all of you Missoulians enjoying the sun, this is a little slice of last summer.

I got an email  that there were some permaculture enthusiasts coming to Missoula and somebody suggested they should drop me a line.  So I agreed to meet them when they arrived.

Apparently their original plan was to not come to Missoula.  And they met somebody that talked them into adding a few days to their journey so they could include Missoula.

So they arrived.  And I met them.  And they were glowing about Missoula. Gushing. Charmed to the bone.  They universally agreed that out of three months of watching a big heap of the United States go slowly by … three months of visiting lots of cities, towns, villages and funky places … Missoula was THE best.

We’re number one!  🙂

And the video has some stuff about cobbled together bike gear too. Well … this video is supposed to be about the panniers (saddle bags) on their bicycles.   But they just had so many glowing things to say about Missoula, I couldn’t help but put that in there too.  And since my videos have a large international crowd, it is a way for me to brag “I live in Missoula and you don’t – neener, neener.”

The bicycle panniers are pretty cool.  Nothing more than plastic buckets attached to the bike rack. The important thing … the video worthy thing … is that they are holding up great after 3000 miles of heavy use.   And they have passed the water proof test.  Cheap, lightweight, easy and durable.  And re-uses something that is normally thrown in the garbage.

Maybe the Tidy Cat company is tickled to get the advertising that these folks are giving them.  Yesterday I heard that Kimmo from my cheese cave video was offered a lifetime warranty on the contraption shown in the video.  Hot dog!

There is one more cool thing in this video.  One of the fellas mentions and how awesome it is.  I think it is great too, so I left that in the video as well. WWOOF stands for “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms”. Folks can go work on an organic farm for a few days and get free room and board in return.  And, of course, learn a thing or two about organic farms.


Mark your calendar!  At 6:30 on April 14th I’ll be presenting “Introduction to Permaculture” at the Library.   I’ll be talking about how you can have a garden that you don’t have to irrigate, fertilize or worry about pests.  Imagine a garden you don’t have to worry about when you go on vacation!

Earth day is coming!  And I might have a big wild surpise at the MUD event in Caras Park!

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