The Job Interview: It’s Not Coffee Talk


Allow me to share a secret about the job interview: It’s not coffee talk. Every question an interviewer asks is to determine two things: can you do the job and can you work well within the company.

Answer every question they ask you, but filter each of your answers to prove how well you can perform the job and how well you’ll fit in with the company. Remember, training a new employee is expensive and time consuming, so frame your answers to demonstrate how you’ll be able to hit the ground running, in terms of skills as well as joining the team.

A winning interview will demonstrate you understand what drives the company…and are the perfect blend of compatible fit and energizing solutions.

Here’s the Tip!!
Don’t let personal questions lull you into Coffee Talk.  Stay on your toes and filter all your answers to prove you can do the job and will be compatible with the company culture.  Back to Work it Blog homepage.


I would like to thank Brendan Magone who generously volunteered his time and expertise to help me prepare for my first three videos. It turned out that he volunteered much more: on the spur of the moment our crew decided the videos would be even more engaging if I were in conversation. You guessed it, we asked Brendan to jump in. He was a great sport, a true asset, and with no preparation at all he contributed greatly to our creative direction. Brendan has an MFA in Creative Writing and Bachelors of Arts in English and Drama.


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