Missoula Microbreweries – Best Beer in the West

Missoula microbreweries offer up best microbrews in the west.Missoulians love their brew! Especially when it starts with “micro.”

To really understand what this means, you’ll have to head down to one of Missoula’s  three outstanding microbreweries – Kettlehouse, Bayern, and Big Sky. Once inside, you’d likely find a generous smattering of locals enjoying the beer, the company, and often a conversation with the brewers themselves.

Each has an atmosphere that is unique – all very different than the local bars.  Subdued? Not! Relaxing? Well, sort of.  Inviting? Absolutely. Insouciant? We’re not even sure how to pronounce that, but the dictionary suggests we’ve hit the nail on the head (it means “free from concern, worry, or anxiety; carefree; nonchalant.”). Whatever you call it – each offers a fun and welcoming setting for enjoying a truly distinctive craft beer.

As great as the atmosphere is, the major draw is still the beer.  Craving a good ale? Try Kettlehouse’s Cold Smoke Scotch Ale (their bestselling beer) or Big Sky’s famous Moose Drool Brown Ale, which is distributed throughout the Western U.S. Looking for some international flavor? Try Bayern Brewing, the only German brewery in the Rocky Mountains and serving up several favorite local craft beers.

What makes these microbrews stand apart from national beer brands? Thorsten Geuer, Bayern Brewing Brewmaster, perhaps said it best – “It’s like the difference between movies and theatre.”

You’re sure to find something distinctive to each of these local breweries. For instance, Kettlehouse fans appreciate the brewery’s willingness to experiment with unconventional microbrews. Bayern Brewing benefits from the experience of two German Brewmasters, something no other brewery in the Rockies can claim. Big Sky Brewery is the largest of the three and has the broadest distribution of its beer, yet it retains the service and quality of a true microbrewery.

Yes, we could go on and on about what makes each of these microbreweries so great, but the best way to find out more about each  is to experience them for yourself.  Order a pint, order a growler — whatever you do, just give them a try. You’re in for a treat!

Visit the Kettlehouse, Bayern, and Big Sky websites for more information about each microbrewery, the hours and location, and of course, their respective brews.

Have a favorite beer from one of these local microbreweries? Share your comments below!