Are You Ready for Some Football?

All the speculation and prognostication aside, there’s already been collegiate football contested and for the Montana Grizzlies the 2010 season is upon in just hours and just how exciting is that?

Last night’s coach’s show at Paradise Falls and to a statewide audience was just a precursor of superb and enjoyable interviews that will follow week to week as the Grizzlies point the ship towards a usual set of goals that always includes beating the Cats, winning the conference championship for the 13th time, advancing to the FCS post season for a record 18th year and winning the FCS National Championship.

To listeners on a statewide network, Robin Pflugard talked enthusiastically last night about the work of an entirely new coaching staff (with the exception of  Mike Hudson),  some of whom have coached here before and others who have played here.   They joined a group of newcomers who quickly became acclimated to the expectations surrounding the program, which starts the season as the Number 2 team in FCS football.

Every coach has his way of doing things and there certainly are adjustments on my part each time to learn the nuances. I don’t think there will be any punch pulling from this regime .  Coach Pflu openly expressed his disappointment with alleged activity by cornerback Jimmy Wilson that saw him recently cited by Missoula City Police.  Coach also mentioned his disappointment in the actions of linebacker Josh Stuberg who was charged with DUI last weekend.

Wilson has signed a strict disciplinary contract with Pflu and will not play against Western State College in Missoula on Saturday but is working out towards becoming a full team member again. He knows, said Pflu, that he let a lot of people down who worked hard for his NCAA eligibility reinstatement and truly feels bad that he put himself in a less than tenable position after 2 a.m.

The status of Stuberg, although listed as a number 2 on the depth chart, is uncertain although Pflu made it clear he too had strict guidelines but also would do anything to retain his status with the team.

Unfortunately the timing of the incidents for some fans took focus off the start of another promising season, but I really get a kick out and just flat disagreeing with those that say the Grizzlies have to reload this season.

Just how many years have you heard speculation that it would be  hard to replace a guy like – “INSERT YOUR FAVORITE PLAYER’S NAME HERE”.

I guess my answer to that is simple. When is the last time Montana has listed two players on the pre-season Walter Peyton watch list and another on the Buck Buchanan watch list?

Any time you return the offensive fire power of a returning quarterback like Andrew Selle  and running back Chase Reynolds, it’s surely not a bad way to put some building blocks in place to start the season.

Granted the holes on the offensive front and the establishment of a receiving corps needs to develop but players aren’t recruited here to be slowly groomed for their time in the sun. If the coaching staff didn’t think they could contribute when called upon, they wouldn’t have been offered a scholarship.