Current Missoula Weather

Wed, 23 Jul 2014 7:52 am MDT

Conditions: Light Rain

Current Temperature: 61°

Sunrise: 6:03 am

Sunset: 9:18 pm

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Today's (Wed) Forecast

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Forecast: Scattered Thunderstorms

Today's High: 92°

Today's Low: 55°

Tomorrow's (Thu) Forecast

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Forecast: Mostly Sunny

Tomorrow's High: 71°

Tomorrow's Low: 46°


About Missoula Weather

Missoula weather is much milder in the winter and warmer in the summer than most people assume. And that’s one of its best kept secrets.

Residing in the hub of five converging valleys, Missoula is protected by mountains on all sides. Missoula’s mild climate, combined with long summer days due to its northern longitude, lends an ability for lush vegetation and gardens to grow with ease. Missoula’s growing season is longer than any other Montana community. Hence, Missoula’s nickname — the Garden City.

Although the city can indeed experience temperature extremes from time to time, for the most part Missoulians enjoy four distinct seasons and a climate milder than its northern Rocky Mountain location might suggest.

Missoula Weather – Average High and Low Temps

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