Restaurant Owners/Chefs

Interviews with Missoula Restaurant Owners & Chefs

In this exclusive series, retired Executive Chef Bob Zimorino interviews renowned Missoula restaurant owners and chefs.  Armed with his top 10 questions, Bob interviews each chef or owner and gives us a glimpse behind the kitchen doors to find out how these local Missoula restaurateurs view the restaurant business and the restaurants in which they work.

Follow this series to learn more about the restaurants that whet Missoulians’ appetites, and the chefs and owners that make their eateries the local favorites they are.

Abe RishoThe Silk Road

Adam Belarde — The Montana Club(s)/Hoagieville/Nickel Charlie’s & Zimorino’s 

Bill Worden — The Shack Cafe

Curtis Strohl & Nate Jerrell — Mercantile Deli

John Powers — The Ranch Club

Bob Zimorino

Bob Zimorino

Mike Ramos — Paul’s Pancake Parlor

Raul Gomez — Fiesta En Jalisco

Tim France — Worden’s Market & Deli

Tim Leegan — The Mustard Seed

Tom Hilley — Sean Kelly’s & Stone of Accord

Will & Kiira Bauerle — Bob’s Pizza, Pretzel Place, & Freemo’s

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