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Another Turkey Under the Belt

By BOB WIRE - I’d just pulled the bird, a mere 12-pounder, out of the oven after 3-1/2 hours of roasting. Was it fully cooked? 15 minutes per pound, twelve pound bird, three hours, right?... more

Facebook Food Panics Turn My Stomach

By BOB WIRE - When I Facebook, it won’t be because they sell my personal info to advertisers and spammers, it will be because I can’t take one more shocking revelation that the food I’m eating will kill ... more

How Do You Create The Right Surprises? Baby Steps

By MARK RIFFEY - One of the best ways to figure out ways to transform your customers' experience is to walk through the process of doing business with you in little, tiny steps: Baby Steps.... more

Why is Bob Wire So Angry Today?

By BOB WIRE - We get a lot of emails here at Bob Wire World Headquarters (not to mention the occasional foul-smelling parcel), and I thought it was high time I share some of them with you.... more

Serving the Customer is Key to Customer Service

By BOB WIRE - It’s common knowledge that if you want to get out ahead of your competition, something as seemingly obvious as a swiftly returned phone call is a big head start.... more