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Turning Japanese, I Really Think So

By BOB WIRE- The decision to host an exchange student had been a last-minute one. “Should we buy some Japanese food? You know, sushi or, I don’t know, egg rolls? Rice-a-Roni?”... more

A Deed Most Fowl

By BOB WIRE-(VIDEO) When a semi loaded with 35,000 pounds of raw chicken sits in a truck stop parking lot for several days in the heat of Missoula's Indian summer, well, it ain't how they make perfume, brother.... more

Don’t Let Your Gourd Down: The Pumpkin Spice Invasion

By BOB WIRE-It shows up every fall, just after Labor Day, as predictable as foot fungus on a high school football player and as unwanted as teen pregnancy. Pumpkin flavored ale. ... more

Top Ten Debut Albums

By BOB WIRE-What makes a great debut album? I mean, besides a crappy second album. Luck plays a big part, as does talent, chemistry, strong songs and the golden touch of the right producer. ... more

Back to School: That’s Good, Right?

By BOB WIRE-Ah, the lunches have been packed, the driveway mugshots taken, and our kids have officially slammed the screen door on another summer vacation. It's back to school time!... more

Missoula South Side, Your Beer is Here

By BOB WIRE-As a man whose love of beer is well-documented and occasionally used against him, I gotta say I'm tickled with Missoula's newest brewery, Great Burn.... more

Scars: The Real Man’s Tattoos

By BOB WIRE-I don't have any tattoos, so now you know where I stand on tattoos. What I do have is a growing collection of scars. The real man's tattoos.... more

Existential Crisis in the Kitchen

By BOB WIRE- Despite what you might hear, I’m an enlightened, evolved male. I possess certain domestic capabilities. Believe it or not, I do know my Swiffer from a hole in the ground.... more

Visit Glacier Park While It Still Has Glaciers!

By BOB WIRE- Plans are underway to change the name of Glacier National Park to reflect its eventual lack of glaciers. 'Large And Somewhat Damp Mountains National Park' is in the running for finalist.... more

Visit Yellowstone Before it Blows Up

By BOB WIRE- One way to get around Yellowstone is aboard one of the Historic Yellow Buses. They can sometimes be seen roaring around a corner and scaring the bejesus out of some poor buffalo.... more

I Love Me Some Grass

By BOB WIRE- Ahhh the final glory days of a nice, green lawn. The current heat wave will surely have our yards as crispy as hash browns from the back of the griddle by the end of July.... more

Things To Do In Las Vegas When You’re Dead

By BOB WIRE-Broke, that is. Dead broke. I think we are all familiar enough with Sin City's over-the-top entertainment torrent to know that there is no end to the list of stuff to do in Las Vegas.... more

Let’s Talk About Toilet Paper

By BOB WIRE-We're talking about toilet paper. I won't even get into that whole "over vs. under" issue. That's a passionate holy war akin to the Mac vs PC debate. A little toilet paper cultural history here:... more

Bob Wire’s On the Course. FORE!

By BOB WIRE - Like a lot of men, I enjoy doing things that I’m not very good at. Like golf. I’ve played since high school, but never enough to get to the point where I’m consistently breaking 80.... more

Ladder Golf, the Latest in One-Handed Sports

By BOB WIRE - It’s called ladder golf, and it is to white trash what polo is to the filthy rich. And I am hooked.... more

TV or Not TV, That is the Question

By BOB WIRE - Our 32” tube TV, which seemed like a JumboTron when we bought it in 2002, had gone to that big Radio Shack in the sky. Buying a new set was going to require some major education.... more

Meet My Dentist, Dr. Mandible

By BOB WIRE - I just got home from a trip to the dentist. I hate the dentist. HATE the dentist. Oh, I don’t mind having my teeth worked on, I just can’t stand the guy who does it.... more

If It’s Off the Wall, It Can’t Go On the Wall

By BOB WIRE -The struggle for supremacy in the wall hangings department is an ongoing concern in the Wire compound. Our solution is to relegate the more questionable stuff to the basement or the spare bathroom.... more

Poker Night: Book Club For Men?

By BOB WIRE -Every Tuesday night for 7 years, I gathered with my good friends for a poker game. We survived 2 DUI’s, 1 divorce, “career changes,” and 4 births, including a couple of surprise offspring.... more

Artsy Fartsy Captions

By BOB WIRE -A recent family trip to the Seattle Art Museum provided some spectacular images of mind-bending approaches to modern art. Check out these photos:... more

Is American Idol Really That Bad?

By BOB WIRE -Is American really such a bad thing? Normally I would say the show is a cultural black hole. But it’s kind of fun when I watch it with my wife and daughter.... more

Do You Know What’s Under There?

By BOB WIRE -The day I pulled on my first pair of boxer shorts is the day I became a Man. I was probably 12 or so when I graduated from tighty whities.... more

Ten Things I Dig About Missoula

By BOB WIRE - I thought I'd make a list of things I dig about Missoula. To spice things up a bit, I've also collected a few opinions from Regular Joes asking: "What do you love about Missoula?"... more

I Got The Rubbermaid Blues

By BOB WIRE -I'm living in tupperware hell. I have banned the reuse of all plastic containers. I got overwhelmed with the mismatched lids and containers that overran our kitchen cupboards.... more

Jeopardy Test Proves I am Dummer Than a Fifth Grader

By BOB WIRE - I took the online Jeopardy! test yesterday. Don’t bother setting your DVR; I won’t be appearing on the show any time soon.... more

Gifts for Pets a Family Tradition

By BOB WIRE - What do you get for the pet who has everything? Let me answer that with another question: what pet doesn't already have everything? ... more

Dear Santa, Here’s My List of Demands

By BOB WIRE - "Bob, what do you want for Christmas?" That question always freezes me up. But, since you asked, here goes: A jet pack, a robot maid, a cattle prod...oh, and.... ... more

You Can’t Put that Nerve-Shattering, Pants-Crapping Sound in a Radio Spot!

By BOB WIRE - Commercial radio has to run commercials to survive, right? Duh. It’s the first word in their name.But there are just some sounds that should NOT be on the radio.... more

The Perfect Gift For Every Musician On Your List

By BOB WIRE - With Christmas creeping up like a Visa card-murdering sniper, here's my annual list of gift suggestions for the musicians on your list. This year, buy em' a hat.... more

Another Turkey Under the Belt

By BOB WIRE - I’d just pulled the bird, a mere 12-pounder, out of the oven after 3-1/2 hours of roasting. Was it fully cooked? 15 minutes per pound, twelve pound bird, three hours, right?... more

Facebook Food Panics Turn My Stomach

By BOB WIRE - When I Facebook, it won’t be because they sell my personal info to advertisers and spammers, it will be because I can’t take one more shocking revelation that the food I’m eating will kill ... more

How Do You Create The Right Surprises? Baby Steps

By MARK RIFFEY - One of the best ways to figure out ways to transform your customers' experience is to walk through the process of doing business with you in little, tiny steps: Baby Steps.... more

Why is Bob Wire So Angry Today?

By BOB WIRE - We get a lot of emails here at Bob Wire World Headquarters (not to mention the occasional foul-smelling parcel), and I thought it was high time I share some of them with you.... more

Serving the Customer is Key to Customer Service

By BOB WIRE - It’s common knowledge that if you want to get out ahead of your competition, something as seemingly obvious as a swiftly returned phone call is a big head start.... more