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What’s so interesting about Pinterest?

By ERIN TURNER - Have you heard about the new social network addiction called Pinterest? It's my new favorite way to get inspired, save time, and be frugal.... more

Thanksgiving on a Budget – A Harvest of Abundance, Frugal Style

By ERIN TURNER - Hosting Thanksgiving dinner can get expensive. Erin shares some tips for planning a memorable dinner on a budget.... more

Reduce Christmas Stress by Planning and Shopping Ahead

By ERIN TURNER Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you enjoy a day of spooks and frights! But once the last Snickers bar is consumed and the last cup of witches’ brew is poured, it is time to pull on the ... more

Teaching Money to Children and Teens

By ERIN TURNER. I am banking on the hope that my husband and I have laid a solid foundation and a respect for money in our kids so when they are faced with a financial decision on their own, they’ll know the... more