House Rentals

In lieu of apartment living, many families seeking a rental property are seeking house rentals instead.

Our recent economy has resulted in good news for renters looking to rent a single family home. In some cases homes that may have sold in a more robust economy are available as rentals offering more choices for renters seeking single family homes.

Rental homes vary from small one and two bedroom houses in older neighborhoods to large executive homes in more upscale neighborhoods. You can also find homes on the outskirts of the city or in rural settings with acreage.

Pricing for house rentals in Missoula varies by location, home size, other factors. While you can always seek residential rental homes through traditional means (classified ads, Craig’s List, property management companies) some find it helpful to post “home wanted” ads that specifies the specific type of home being sought.

Whatever your housing preferences, you may find our moving tips and moving checklist helpful in preparing for your move. We also offer a residential leasing tips resource you may wish to reference as well.

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