Children and Nature Leadership

The Leadership for Missoula Children and Nature Network includes the following positions:

  • Chair:  Ian Foster
    Contact information: 406.396.9562 / Email:
  • Co-Chair:  Donna Gaukler
  • Notes:  Paula Fisher
  • Marketing/Outreach:  Becky Goodrich and Mary McCourt
  • Sub Committee Chairs:
    Education- Fletcher Brown
    Place- Lisa Moisey
    Community- Shirley Kinsey
    UM/Research- Jim Burchfield
  • Coordinator for the “Got Nature?” Event Passport Program: Maria Berger —
  • Co- Coordinator/Web Master for the “Got Nature?” Passport Program : Rachel Huidekoper
  • Committee Members at Large: Sue Reel, Lisa Beczkiewicz, Sara Megyesi, Lisa Bickell, Deb Fassnacht, Ariann Hess

Terms for leaders shall be two years, with staggered terms. The first year, half the positions shall be one year terms and half the positions shall be two year terms.

Leadership Roles:

  • Chair: Call meetings, sets the agenda, directs the network towards their mission and goals, facilitate meetings, and is responsible for activities of the network.
  • Co-Chair: Assist chair in setting the agenda, reviews all of the document, programs and goals of the network to assure consistency and results, and the annual report.
  • Notes: Records all meetings, maintains records of network affiliates, shares notes and posts into the the website working through the Webmaster.
  • Treasurer: Responsible for financial tracking, actions require approval of all Leadership positions. Responsible for annual fiscal reports and posting to website.
  • Logistics/Marketing: Schedules meetings working with the Leadership team, reserves rooms, advertises the meetings, events and network schedule, reviews and updates web page working with the Webmaster.
  • Sub-Committee Chairs: Defined talks and terms to accomplish the specific goals of the network. These members are appointed by the Leadership committee. They focus their work towards special events or programs such as the Children and Nature Summit , “Got Nature/Nature Nearby Outings” development, policy research, training for leaders, etc.
  • Leadership Members at large to bring total leadership to 15. The leadership group of 15 would have the ability to make decisions for the network.
  • Programming is primarily hosted and coordinated by the numerous network affiliates with an emphasis on the Outdoor Bill of Rights, guiding principles, and goals.
  • Staff support – interns, and network affiliates’ staff.