Get on the fast-track

The UM College of Technology provides training covering 35 program areas to shorten the time from education to career.

The Missoula College

The Missoula College
909 South Ave West

Missoula CollegeMissoula is home to the Missoula College (formerly known as the  College of Technology) which offers a variety of associate degree programs as well as a Bachelor of Applied Science degree.

Originally an independent part of the Montana higher education system, the school officially became a part of The University of Montana in 1994.

The Missoula College provides outstanding occupational and technical education covering 35 program areas across five academic departments. The Missoula College offers fast-track learning programs that shortens the time from education to career.

The Missoula College educational departments include:

  • Arts and Sciences
  • Computing and Electronics
  • Business Technology
  • Health Professions
  • Industrial Technology

For more information about programs, enrollment, financial aid, and more, contact The Missoula College.