A spiritual community

Many Missoulians consider themselves to lead a spiritual life, and with a community as tolerant as ours you can feel comfortable practicing the religion of your choice.

Churches & Worship

Missoula is a spiritually rich community. Although only about a third of the community is actively participating in a particular church or place of worship, most Missoulians consider themselves to be living a spiritual life.

Of those directly aligned with a particular place of worship, about 45% are Catholic, roughly 45% are Protestant, with remaining residents being members of the LDS faith, Jewish faith, or Eastern or Islam religions.

Whatever your personal faith or spiritual preference, you’ll find Missoulians respectful of your choice. Should you be seeking a place of worship, our Directory of Missoula Churches can help you find a spiritual home.

Missoula – A River Runs Through It

Missoula - a river does indeed run through it. In 1992, the Oscar-winn... more

Missoula – A River Runs Through It

Missoula - a river does indeed run through it. In 1992, the Oscar-winn... more

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Missoula History

The first inhabitants of the Missoula area were Native Americans from the Salish tribe.  They called the area “Nemissoolatakoo,” which translates roughly to “river of ambush," and eventually gave rise to... more

Volunteer Opportunities

Missoula is known for its giving spirit. On a per capita basis, Missoula is home to more non-profit organizations than any other city in the nation. That means volunteer opportunities abound. ... more