Grip It and Rip It – a Missoula Golf Blog

Blog by Todd Wolverton and Andy Commons

Todd Wolverton was born in Missoula and is a UM class of ‘88 alum. Todd has been an avid golfer for over 40 years, but make no mistake, he’s no pro. He’s just a guy on the course yelling “fore.”

As a young man, Andy Commons obtained his first set of clubs after seeing a golf pro toss out an old set into the dumpster. He took them home, cleaned them up and proceeded to teach himself very bad swing habits. While he tries to relearn how to golf, he’ll share the ride with his readers.

Andy Commons

Missoula – A River Runs Through It

Missoula - a river does indeed run through it. In 1992, the Oscar-winn... more

Missoula – A River Runs Through It

Missoula - a river does indeed run through it. In 1992, the Oscar-winn... more

Bob Wire, the KISS Mini Golf Course, and Las Vegas Rock City

By BOB WIRE - KISS by Monster Mini Golf opened up in Las Vegas on March... more

Glow Ball Golf at the Ranch Club

By ANDY COMMONS - Andy fills us in on his night out, golfing in the dark with 59 other people he couldn't see. ... more

You Meet All Kinds on Missoula Golf Courses

By TODD WOLVERTON In the past couple of weeks, I have had some really interesting interactions with fellow Missoula golfers on the golf course. Both good and bad. It started about a week ago... ... more

Rip It and Grip It Tid Bits

By TODD WOLVERTON. I guess that the word is out on “Grip it and Rip it”. Over the past couple of days, I have received requests to get the word out on some local events related to golf...... more

Junior Golf Anyone?

By TODD WOLVERTON. Are you interested in helping provide local Missoula kids a better way to be involved in the great game of golf? Read on...... more

Missoula Junior Golf Fundraiser

By ANDY COMMONS. Check out the video of the Missoula Junior Golf Fundraiser. 187 holes played in one day!... more

Old Dogs…or Golfers?

By TODD WOLVERTON. Today I did something that I have never done before. After years of trying, I parred the UGC. Yes everyone, I am writing this blog simply to brag......oh, and to say yes, you CAN teach an ol... more

Me, My Dad and the University of Montana Golf Course

By TODD WOLVERTON. My dad, Garrett Wolverton, was a fixture in the Missoula golf community for nearly 30 years in Missoula. First at the University Golf Course, then at Larchmont.... more

Pioneer Amongst the Pines: Part 2

By TODD WOLVERTON. This would turn out to be the very inauspicious beginning to what has turned out to be a long, and distinguished career in women’s golf for Ann Loughlin.... more

A Pioneer Amongst the Pines Part 1

By TODD WOLVERTON. It was a typical summer day as I stood with a 7 iron in hand. I must have hit about 70-80 balls as I noticed an older woman walking toward me. She has a big smile, big sunglasses and is kin... more

Golf As We Know It – In Montana

By TODD WOLVERTON. It has been a long, hard winter; far longer and harder than I expected. It’s only supposed to be 40 degrees today, yet I cannot get my mind off of one thing, “I wonder when the driving... more

Drop-in Child Care

Looking for child care for a night on the town, while you shop, or to catch a Griz game at the U? Or maybe you’re seeking permanent child care but have a need for care in the meantime? Missoulians are fort... more

Living with Wildlife

Residing in Western Montana means learning to live with wildlife. In Missoula, that often includes sharing your yard with birds, raccoons, skunks, deer, black bears, and even mountain lions. The Montana Depa... more