Boomers in Missoula

Blog by Donna Hull

Donna, afreelance writer, and her photographer husband, Alan (both baby boomers), have recently relocated from Arizona to the Missoula area for full-time living in the most beautiful spot in the world. Follow along as Donna writes about Western Montana travel fun and adventures that you may have forgotten about.

Hiking Blodgett Canyon Trail

By DONNA HULL - How long has it been since you’ve been to Blodgett Ca... more

In Italy, It’s All About the Pasta

By DONNA HULL - Food is one of the defining elements of a culture. When... more

Experiencing Italy the Slow Way

After a month at home in Montana, my feet are itchy to explore again. T... more

Trading the Road for the Sea in Alaska

By DONNA HULL - On the fourth and final week of our Alaska Highway road trip adventure, we parked the truck in the bowels of the MV/Kennicott and let an Alaska Marine Highway ferry captain do the driving.... more

Eye Candy From the Far North

By DONNA HULL - Scenery, scenery, scenery—that’s been the buzzword for Week Three of our Alaska Highway road trip. The scenery on the Glenn Highway from Tok to Palmer topped it all.... more

Watching a Grizzly Eat Breakfast

By DONNA HULL - Welcome to week two of the Alaska Highway road trip where my husband, Alan, and I are exploring Northern British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska. ... more

Riding on a Ferry to Prince Rupert

By DONNA HULL - Hello from the Alaska Highway. What is a Missoula boomer doing on a road trip in the wilderness of the Yukon, Northern British Columbia and Alaska? Come along and find out!... more

Let’s Take a Road Rrip to Washington Wine Country

By DONNA HULL - Ever wonder what’s on the other side of the Bitterroot Mountains? Well, I can tell you—it’s the wine country of Walla Walla, Washington.... more

Spend the Day (or Night) at Painted Rocks Reservoir

By DONNA HULL - Do you like to go exploring? My husband and I were curious about Painted Rocks Reservoir and decided to find out why friends and neighbors RAVE about it. All I can say is WOW!... more

Circling the Wagons at Western Heritage Days in Stevensville

By DONNA HULL - Ever wondered what eating on the trail was like during pioneer times when wagon trains headed across the West? You’ll find out this weekend at Western Heritage Days in Stevensville.... more

Escape to Victor

By DONNA HULL - Getting away doesn’t have to mean an exotic vacation or a multi-week road trip. Sometimes, a traveling close to home will do just fine. Why not escape to Victor in the Bitterroot Valley?... more

Breakfast in the Bitterroot: Pie and Paintings at Glen’s Cafe

By DONNA HULL - Missoula baby boomers, are you ready for another breakfast in the Bitterroot? Welcome to Glen’s Café in Florence, where paintings and pie accompany your breakfast. ... more

Spend a Romantic Winter Weekend at Broad Axe Lodge and Restaurant

By DONNA HULL - Are you looking for a winter getaway that’s romantic yet offers plenty of active things to do? Missoula boomers, do I have the place for you. Drive on down to Broad Axe Lodge and Restaurant in... more

13 Western Montana Travel Resolutions for 2013

By DONNA HULL - Do you make travel resolutions? As I sit here in front of a toasty fire at the beginning of 2013, I’m thinking of all the things I’d like to see and do this year in Western Montana. What do ... more

Take a Winter Day-Trip to Lolo Pass

By DONNA HULL - How long has it been since you took a day trip to Lolo Pass? Home to one of the campsites of Lewis and Clark, and the location of trails trekked by the Salish and the Nez Perce Indians, Lolo Pas... more

Start the holiday season with a Montana Celebration

By DONNA HULL - Do you enjoy holiday celebrations as much as I do? A little snow, some sparkly Christmas lights and maybe a cup of hot chocolate and I’m ready to celebrate!... more

Hiking Blodgett Canyon Trail

By DONNA HULL - How long has it been since you’ve been to Blodgett Canyon, the Bitterroot Valley’s version of Yosemite? Long-time Missoula boomers have probably hiked Blodgett Canyon Trail more times than t... more

Hanging Out with Scarecrows in Stevensville

By DONNA HULL - This boomer city girl had never seen a scarecrow festival. The Stevensville Scarecrow Festival, Oct. 5-13th is Not to be missed!... more

One last fall hike (or two) at Glacier National Park

By DONNA HULL - Do summer crowds discourage you from visiting Glacier National Park? Now is the time for one last fall hike in a national park that’s practically in Missoula’s backyard.... more

Breakfast in the Bitterroot: Memories Cafe

By DONNA HULL - Breakfast and a scenic drive just seem to go together, don’t you think? I’m starting a new series called Breakfast in the Bitterroot.... more

Road Tripping to Helena

By DONNA HULL - Once in a while my feet get itchy for a road trip. That’s how my husband Alan and I found ourselves in Helena earlier this summer.... more

Cool off at Skalkaho Falls

By DONNA HULL - How many waterfalls are in the Missoula area? I’m sure long-time residents could fill me in. My suggestion as a newcomer—Skalkaho Falls... more

Small Town Fun at Creamery Picnic in Stevensville

By DONNA HULL - Don’t you just love a parade? I do. And, that’s where you’ll find me on Saturday, August 4, 2012 for the 100th Creamery Picnic Parade in Stevensville, Montana.... more