Active Moms Missoula

Just what is Active Moms Missoula? We’re a group of moms and women in the Missoula area who are coming together to form friendships and encourage one another to live healthy lives. We work in conjunction with the YMCA and Run Wild Missoula and are seeking to partner with other active groups in the Missoula area.

Our goal is to inspire moms and women in the Missoula area to lead healthy lives by nurturing friendships and fostering group activities. We are scheduling Mommy and Me classes at the YMCA and scheduling group runs, walks, hikes, and other activities in the community.

Check out our Active Moms calendar to find our upcoming activities and YMCA classes. If you have ideas for activities you would like to see us add, please pass along your thoughts!

We hope you’ll check out the pages in the Active Moms section and learn more about our activities and group connections. Let’s be active together!


A Delicious Way to support the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Montana

This month Mothers' Milk Bank of Montana is teaming up with Liquid Plan... more

How Different Would the World Be if Everyone Ran?

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Distance Masters Runner of Year, Anne Audain refl... more

Get Out of the Cold at the Indoor New Year’s Eve Two-Mile Prediction Run

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Get an early start on your New Year’s resolutio... more

Run through the Winter with RWM’s Boston/Spring Marathon Training Class

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Local runners can stay motivated to run all winter and train for the Boston Marathon with Run Wild MIssoula's Boston / Spring Marathon Training Class.... more

Challenge Yourself — by Running

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Eva Dunn-Frobig blogs about how to challenge yourself by running. Her own story is shared, along with the story of Brian Boyle, Iron Heart author, as examples. ... more

Run Wild Missoula Encourages Community to Continue to Run and Honor Boston

Run Wild Missoula encourages the community to continue to run and race in honor of those affected by the violence at the Boston Marathon, including at the Superfun(D) 10k, 5k and 1 mile on April 20 in Bonner.... more

Returning to Missoula Marathon Training After an Injury

By DAVID SCHMETTERLING - Training for the Boston Marathon Marathon in 2010 went great. I was at the peak of my running and poised for a personal record. But then things started falling apart .... more

A Count of Blessings

By ELKE GOVERTSEN - After yesterday's tragedy, all I can count to today is two. That's the number of my blessings, and I will count them over and over.... more

From Afghanistan to the Back of the Pack

By HEATHER JENNER - While moving from Afghanistan to Missoula was hard, joining Run Wild Missoula and the Back of the Pack was one of the smartest things I've done.... more

A Mama Ode to Oula

By ELKE GOVERTSEN - Oula is dancing. Oula is working out. Oula is social. Oula is Missoula-grown. It sounds dramatic, but it's true: My life is better since I started Oula.... more

Smoky Health Concerns: Is 2012 the Worst Smoke Season Ever?

By BEN SCHMIDT - With the long wildfire season, people are asking the Missoula City-County Health Department how it compares, and is it the worse smoke season ever?... more

Calling All Divas! Join the All-Women’s 5K Run on Missoula Diva Day

By SUE FALSEY - This year's Diva Day festivities begin at 9:30 on October 6 with the All-Women's 5K. Costumes are encouraged, so prepare to be fabulous!... more

Get Fit and Have Fun with National Run@Work Day

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - At noon on Friday, Sept. 21, local employers will host group runs/walks to celebrate national Run@Work Day, with help from Run Wild Missoula.... more

Get into a Back-to-School Running Routine

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Autumn is one of the big running seasons in Missoula, and I find that this time of year is one of the best times to get into a running routine.... more

The Run of My Life: The Hardrock 100-Mile Endurance Race

By JOHN HART - This July, I ran the 100-mile Hardrock race in Colorado. I often thought about the encouragement the Missoula running community gave me in the effort.... more

What Does the Future Hold? Long-Range Planning for Run Wild Missoula

By DAVID SCHMETTERLING - Here in Missoula, we have a successful running club: 1400+ runners of all levels, a fantastic marathon, and more. What does the future hold?... more

Get Inspired by Run Wild Missoula’s Beginner Runner Training Class

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Were you inspired by the Missoula Marathon? Run Wild Missoula will offer a eight-week Beginner Runner Training Class starting Aug. 15.... more

Montana Summer Survival Guide: Go Jump in the…

By ELKE GOVERTSEN - The lakes of Montana are really the sprinkles to our family's ice cream, the little bits of extra fun and color, and in the summer, cool-down-ness.... more

The Clumsy Ninjas Take on the Waterton-Glacier Relay

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - The Waterton-Glacier Relay is a 100-mile race from Cardston, Alberta to East Glacier. My team, the Clumsy Ninjas, were up for the challenge.... more

Missoula Marathon Cool-Down: Set a Post-Race Running Goal

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Scores of competitors from around the world ran the Missoula Marathon last weekend. To keep up the running mojo, try setting a post-race goal.... more

The Run-Up to the Marathon: Ingredients for a Great Race

By TRISHA DROBECK - The Missoula Marathon has a formula for putting on a good race: Focus on participants' experience instead of gimmicks to rack up the numbers.... more

The Run-Up to the Marathon: Missoula Marathon Gear Bags

By WAYNE CHAMBERLAIN - It's the little things, like water stops, first aid, and good food that make a race special. So it is with the Missoula Marathon Gear Bag Program.... more

The Run-Up to the Marathon: Back of the Pack Cheerleaders

By PAM GARDINER - Long after the crowd has thinned, the Back of the Pack cheerleaders stay until the very last (best) runner has crossed the Missoula Marathon finish line.... more

The Run-Up to the Marathon: Co-Course Director Mike Foote

By MIKE FOOTE - As a Missoulian and Co-Course Director, it is so important to me to support so many runners in realizing their goals at the Missoula Marathon on July 8.... more

The Great Pre-Race Missoula Marathon Course Clean-Up

By VO VON SEHLEN - The Missoula Marathon showcases Missoula to runners from all over the world. We need your help to clean up the course and put our best foot forward! ... more

Missoula Marathon Volunteers Have More Fun!

By JERI DELYS - The Missoula Marathon is just weeks away, and the buzz is really starting to hit the streets of Missoula. It's not too late to sign up to be a volunteer!... more

Missoula Non-Profit Spotlight: The AWOL Institute

By TOM DIDDEL - The AWOL Institute is a Missoula non-profit organization in its first year that takes girls ages 10 to 18 on a week-long overnight outdoor adventure.... more

May 30 Training Run for the Missoula Kids’ Marathon

By KATHLEEN DEVLIN - Hey families! The Missoula Kids' Marathon training run is May 30 at 5:30 at Washington-Grizzly Stadium. There will be music and a Monte visit!... more

Run for Fun with Missoula Youth Track

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Kids in kindergarten through middle school can join Missoula Youth Track, a four-week program that introduces kids to the fun of running. ... more

Start ‘Em Young! The Paxson Elementary School Running Club

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - When my son started kindergarten at Paxson Elementary, I was really excited for him to be part of was the Paxson Running Club.... more

Join Run Wild Missoula’s Tuesday Track Workouts

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Olympian Courtney Babcock coaches Run Wild Missoula's Tuesday Track workouts at Dornblazer Field. All ages and abilities are welcome!... more

Running, Walking, and Connecting at a Conversational Place

By PAM GARDINER - The Run Wild Missoula Back of the Pack is celebrating its one year anniversary. We run, walk, converse, and socialize. Everyone is welcome - join us!... more

Missoula’s Family Friendly Fridays at the Top Hat

By RYAN NEWHOUSE - Missoula has a bar for kids! Well, at least an evening dedicated to them. Every Friday at the Top Hat is Family Friendly Friday from 6:00-8:00 p.m.... more

So Many Reasons to Run for the Luck of It!

By JEN VON SEHLEN - On Saturday, March 10th, Run Wild Missoula presents the third annual Run for the Luck of It! 7-Mile, 5K, and Kids’ Dash.... more

Back of the Pack Runners’ Book Club

By PAM GARDINER - A spotlight on books written for the slower runners at the Back of the Pack. John “The Penguin” Bingham is a master of books for the BOP.... more

Bookworms and Whangdoodles

By ELKE GOVERTSEN - The only advice I should ever give other parents is this: When you don’t know what to do, default and do something you are really good at. For me, it's reading.... more

Ready, Set, Train! for the Missoula Marathon

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Is completing a marathon on your bucket list? Join Run Wild Missoula for its Missoula Marathon training class that begins on March 4. ... more

A Run to Honor Sherry Arnold

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - This Saturday, runners will honor Sherry Arnold.... more

The Right Guy

By ELKE GOVERTSEN - The perfect wedding: stress-free, beautiful, and all of that paled in comparison to the simple fact that I was marrying the right guy.... more


By ELKE GOVERTSEN - Hunker. I really love that word, and not just because it has “hunk” in it (shout out to my hubby!). Thursday was a snow day, and boyohboy, did we hunker.... more

Holiday Entertaining on a Budget

By ERIN TURNER - One of my favorite things about the holidays is entertaining, but it can leave your bank account feeling a little blue. Here are my top ten tips for entertaining on a budget.... more

Fun & Frugal Christmas Activities for Families

By ERIN TURNER - As we move into the full swing of holidays, many parents yearn for low-key, quality time with their families. Here are some ideas for fun, economical family Christmas activities.... more

‘Tis the Season for Cold Weather Running

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG - Kickstart the holiday season with the Turkey Day 8K and 3K Family Fun Run on Thanksgiving Day. The event will be on Thursday, November 24 at 9:30 a.m. Races start near Toole Park on the Ri... more

A Birthday Party Run Wild

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG When it came time to plan my son’s sixth birthday party, it only made sense that it would have a running theme. I eat, sleep, and breathe running, and Milo has become more enthusiasti... more

Looking for a Missoula Pumpkin Patch or Corn Maze?

Get info on corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and more Halloween family fun in Missoula, Montana.... more

Galloway Training Welcomes Runners from the Back of the Pack

Pam Gardiner talks about how the Galloway Training method has helped her and other non-traditional runners train for and finish the Missoula Marathon and Half-Marathon.... more

F*#%ing Laundry

By ELKE GOVERTSEN. I hate laundry!!!! For goodness sake. I know how to do it. Really I do. But I just don’t care enough. Or more to the point, I do care, but not as much as I care about things like my childre... more

Fundraiser for Friends of 2 Rivers

By JEN SLAYDEN. Please join Friends of 2 Rivers at Flathead Lake Brewing Company on Wednesday, September 21st from 5pm-11pm, to enjoy trivia, friendship, and cold, tasty beer!... more


By ELKE GOVERTSEN. My sister in law is from Panama and when she crosses the street with her little ones she says, “Contacto.” Contact. “Contacto.” It isn’t safe. I will protect you. We will go togethe... more

Missoula is Like . . . Relaxed Fit Jeans?

By JEN SLAYDEN. Jeans come in such different shapes and styles, each feeling a bit different to wear. Kind of like the styles of each of the town you travel going east and back again through the great state of... more

Summer Feet

By ELKE GOVERTSEN. Say it ain’t so… summer is, gulp, over? But I don’t have my summer feet yet.... more

Earth, Wind, and Fire – Bonner Fire

By JEN SLAYDEN. If it takes an act of God to fill up the usually vacant church parking lots on my side of the mountain, I think he has spoken. For in a brief period of twelve hours we felt an earthquake and our... more

Camp Elke

By ELKE GOVERTSEN. When I was in college, my dream job was to be a camp director. Perhaps it still is. I was MADE for camp. One thing I never thought of was the fact that somewhere other than camp, there was ma... more

Get Outta Town…

By ELKE GOVERTSEN. Sometimes the very best way to love a place is to get the heck outta there. This is consistently the case for me with Missoula.... more

Norman’s Got Nothing on Missoula

By ELKE GOVERTSEN. The nostalgia of our town is also its future. The ability to take people back to their childhoods, to a time when the grasses were hip-height and adventure called from right outside your door... more

Getting Schooled

By ELKE GOVERTSEN. About this time every year I start getting calls. Worried calls. Trying to make the right choice calls. Trying to not make the wrong choice calls. Calls from terrified, about to start kinderg... more

Penguins: “Adult-Onset Athletes” Who Run Slowly

By PAM GARDINER. I'm a Penguin. Penguins are “adult-onset athletes” who run slowly. We waddle. We are, nevertheless, passionate about our sport—at whatever pace.... more

When Do You Run?

By ANDERS BROOKER. My life is running. I don’t know how else to put it. And although it’s my passion, I still struggle to fit in my own runs everyday. Whether you are the runner who is out the door ever... more

Buttercups of My Spring

By VERINA PALMER MARTIN. It seems like a lifetime since I’ve seen Montana during the renewal of spring, which may be because you never really know when spring is going to arrive. It takes Montana a little lo... more

I Love That My Son Loves Running

By EVA DUNN-FROEBIG. ALL NEW RUN/WALK IT BLOG. We hope our kids will find something in the world that they are passionate about, but when we can share that “thing” with them it’s like winning an Olympic... more

Creating Crafty Crayons

By LISA HENSLEY. You’ve probably accumulated assorted crayons that still have some life left, but aren’t necessarily in their prime. Why throw them away? You can repurpose them into new crayons that frankl... more

This is the Ride I’m On

By ELKE GOVERTSEN. I sometimes get it right, but sometimes I get it very wrong. That pretty much sums up my career as a mother.... more


By ELKE GOVERTSEN. I am usually out of gas at bedtime. I am ready to quit. I don’t know how I will make it through the next hour of showers, towels, flushing and brushing. But once we hit the bedroom I am go... more

F*#%ing Mittens

By ELKE GOVERTSEN. Like mittens. This time of the year I can hardly think of them without calling them F*#%ing Mittens. At my house they are either missing, mismatched, wet or lost. Always.... more