7 Pets That Make a House a Home

Nothing makes a house feel more like home than a companion who loves you unconditionally, and while for some people that may be a partner, to others, it’s a loving pet. This especially goes for those who live on their own, with no one to keep them company when they get home except for their fur babies. 

If you’re thinking about adopting a pet, and cannot decide on one, here’s our list of seven pets that can make any house feel like home. 

1. Cats 

Felines may have an unfair reputation of being aloof, but that’s only because they’re quite the independent creatures. If you have never owned a cat as a pet, and are not sure what you’ll be dealing with, it’s best to discover more about cats before you make your decision. Felines are low-maintenance and can be very cuddly and affectionate with their owners. Kittens can be much more demanding; however, cats in general love attention, and are extremely playful. You can keep destruction to a minimum by purchasing scratching posts and toys. 

2. Rodents 

While rodents may not be anyone’s first choice, they’re extremely smart companions and can provide you with the affection that you need. You don’t need to get a hamster, either, seeing as hamsters are less intelligent than a pet rat would be. Domesticated rats can be found in pet shops, and can be trained to do tricks. Rats, in particular, are known to be very loving and loyal creatures, so expect your pet to enjoy hanging out with you by seating itself on your shoulder. 

3. Dogs 

While dogs are the optimal choice for anyone who’s looking for unconditional love and attention, they’re also a little high-maintenance. If you live in an apartment, consider adopting a smaller dog breed. Otherwise, rescued dogs make the perfect companions for both families and individuals who live on their own. Just like felines, dogs can be a little destructive, if they’re left alone for long periods of time. You can keep that under control by installing dog gates, as well as keeping the dog distracted with lots of chew toys. 

4. Arthropods

Getting a tarantula may not be on top of your list, but spiders are much smarter than most of us think they are. They recognize you and may crawl up to you for affection. The salesman at the pet store can tell you how and where to pet them, and you can expect them to give you subtle attention and affection. They’re also very affordable to keep, as long as they have a comfortable tank. 

5. Birds

There’s a wide variety of birds that you can choose from, and each species will provide you with something different. Cockatoos can be very high-maintenance, but they’re also extremely affectionate and loyal. Crows, on the other hand, are very smart and can easily learn tricks to entertain themselves. Other breeds also include Parakeets, which are known to be quite verbal and socially intelligent. Birds should never stay in cages for long periods of time, so be prepared to clean up after them, and to train them on where to “go” when they need to. 

6. Reptiles

Having a snake or a lizard in your home is ideal for those who want silent companions. Reptiles are intelligent, and they recognize their owners after spending enough time with them. Your snake may enjoy spending time with you by simply staying in the same room, while others may enjoy physical contact as well. They may not be ideal for everyone, but they’re perfect for those looking for a less destructive pet. Another great perk of keeping a reptile, such as a snake, is that they do not smell as long as you disinfect their enclosures regularly. 

7. Amphibians 

A pet frog is an enjoyable companion if you provide it with the right environment for it to survive in your home. They’re very easy and affordable to keep, and can have a relatively long life expectancy. The only costs that you have to worry about are the initial purchases of an enclosure and some husbandry supplies. Some breeds can live up to 15-25 years, and some species are also more intelligent than others. Most breeds can recognize their owners, and respond well to being petted. But unlike reptiles or arthropods, they should never leave their enclosure. 

Looking after a pet can be a very rewarding experience that you look forward to every day. While there’s no pet that’s better than another, the choice depends on what you look for in a companion. Once you bring your new friend home, your house will be filled with unconditional love and affection.