2013 Maggotfest Comes to Missoula May 11 and 12

As we edge closer to the dawning of May, we herald the approach of one of Missoula’s most popular events. The 37th annual Maggotfest will take place at the Fort Missoula rugby fields (or pitches) the weekend of May 11th and 12th, 2013.

This festival-style rugby event draws teams from all over the country and world. Participants and spectators can expect great competition and an opportunity to party with both new and old friends, whether you’re a new or long-time rugby fan.

Maggotfest matches will begin Thursday evening and continue into Sunday, with all teams playing an equal number of games. There’s no doubt that the crowning traditional event is the party held Saturday night in the Llama barn at the Missoula County fairgrounds. While one may never know quite what to expect each and every year, you can be sure that beer, costumes, and down home fun will abound.

Maggotfest 2013 Missoula MTLast year saw teams (also known as Sides) donning full blown gorilla costumes complete with hand-propelled bananas and an abundance of tutu wearing men. Costumes are the norm, almost a requirement really, so you should plan on throwing one on if you venture to the “secret” party Saturday night.

While there is a focus on teamwork and athleticism, as some extremely talented teams venture to Missoula each year to partake in the fun, there is no doubt that time when one hears “Maggotfest,”  and they are likely to simultaneously think, “PARTY!”

Maggotfest Activities in MissoulaWith names like Australia’s Outback Barbarians and the Hooligans Highwaymen Club (featuring players hailing from all over the northwest) how could you not foresee the awesomeness that is Maggotfest weekend? It is rich with tradition, and Missoula is in the spotlight as we play host to an event that has come to be cherished by the many that travel every year to be here.

And while there are those of us that love and cherish Maggotfest, it may not be for all. Maggotfest can get a bit…well… wild. If you’re alarmed by occasional drunkenness, toplessness, cluelessness, or recklessness, then this just might not be the gathering for you. But if you’re looking for a spirited celebration of sports and friends that is uniquely Missoula, grab your sunscreen and Smurf costume and come join in the fun.

Take a peek at some hysterical photos from the 2012 Maggotfest.