Dragon Hollow Play Land

Created in just nine days in 2001 with the help of over 4,000 volunteers, Dragon Hollow is a magical play land adjacent to A Carousel for Missoula.

After the opening of the Carousel in 1995, attention turned to the construction of a play area worthy of calling itself “neighbor” to the awe inspiring carousel. With design plans underway, the Carousel board enlisted the “expert” assistance of Missoula area schoolchildren to design their dream play area. They also enlisted the experience of Leathers & Associates, Inc. of Ithaca, New York to make that dream a reality.

Once again, as it had in the creation of the carousel, Missoula came together and in 2001 Dragon Hollow was created with efforts from more than 4,000 volunteers, including nearly 1,000 children and several high school classes.

In an effort to make Dragon Hollow a true jewel of the community, Missoula children were kept involved in designing the play area. Nearly a thousand bricks and pavers were carried to local schoolchildren to decorate with mosaic stones and jewels.

Dragon Hollow is located next to A Carousel for Missoula in Caras Park. Missoula, Montana.The bricks and pavers were later turned into benches near the party pavilion. Other children painted square pieces of Trex that were then assembled into colorful quilts throughout the playground.

A result of the magical imaginations of children, Dragon Hollow in Missoula’s Caras Park boasts such features as a three-headed dragon, slides, an obstacle course, and a special play area for smaller children.

Through the creativity of children, and the generosity of volunteers and businesses, the Carousel received the neighbor play area it deserved – Dragon Hollow.

For driving directions and more information on Dragon Hollow, visit www.carrousel.com.

Dragon Hollow
101 Carousel Drive
Caras Park
Downtown Missoula