Welcome Letter from Mayor John Engen

Photo of Missoula Mayor John EngenWelcome to Missoula.  Whether you’ve come here for a new job or a new life as a retiree, we think you’ll find everything you need in our vibrant city.

Missoula is my hometown, and even if it weren’t, I’d have claimed it as such long ago.  Many of Missoula’s citizens feel the same way:  Missoula is a city we’ve elected to call home because it is a wonderful place to live, work, play and raise families.  We live in a city where strangers still say hello to one another as they pass each other on a sidewalk.  We still do that here, and we’re proud of the feeling it gives our city.

As you explore Missoula, we hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised at all the amenities it offers.  From parks and open spaces to fine neighborhoods, old and new, to our precious Clark Fork River, to shops and restaurants and pubs, it’s all there for you to enjoy.

We hope you prosper in our city.  Thank you for joining us.


Mayor John Engen