Moving with Pets

Planning a move to Missoula? Whether here or anywhere else, moving is never easy. Moving with a pet means extra stress for — you and your pet. Because pets rely on routine, the disruption caused by a move can destroy the very routine they rely upon. To make your move with pets as easy as possible, simply plan ahead and incorporate the suggestions below.

For moves that require a lengthy trip by car, consider taking your dog or cat on a few “test drives” if they are not already used to riding in the car. Many pets are afraid of the car or may get car sick. Dealing with this ahead of time will save you a lot of stress during the move itself.

Consider taking your dog on several errands around town to get them used to the idea of being in the car. You can do the same thing with cats – just put them into a cat carrier as you do errands by car. This may help prevent excessive meowing on moving day. If you discover you have a pet that gets car sick, you’ll have ample time to consult your veterinarian about a safe medication that can help them through the move.

As you pack, be sure to keep out a leash, bowl for water, pet carrier, pet medications or anything else your pet may need along the way. If your move requires an overnight hotel stay, plan ahead and make sure you find a pet-friendly hotel. Even if the hotel accepts pets, make sure you inform them at check-in that you have a pet with you and pay any excess charges necessary. This can avoid a costly penalty for not letting them know about your pet.

Finally, always remember to properly ventilate your vehicle if you have to leave the pets in a vehicle while you take driving breaks along the way. Never leave a pet in the back of a moving van as temperatures in the back can easily rise to fatal levels. Always keep your pets in the cab of the moving van if you choose to move that way.

By keeping these simple tips in mind, you’ll find that moving with pets can be far less stressful than you thought it might be.

Good luck to you and your pets in your new home!