Growing Roots in Missoula

Many people who live in Missoula have come from somewhere else. Silke Jauck is a German native and Missoulian by choice. She and her family have packed and unpacked their suitcases and moving boxes in four continents and have finally settled in Missoula and called it home. In her blog posts below, you’ll find her thoughts on why she loves Missoula and plans to stay.

Take a Walk: The Maclay Flat Loops

By SILKE JAUCK - Though the Maclay Flat trail loops near the Bitterroot... more

Hints of Spring in Missoula

By SILKE JAUCK - Inspired recently by a Caras Nursery sign reading “S... more

Take a Walk in Missoula’s Target Range Neighborhood

By SILKE JAUCK - The South Avenue Trail, (in the Target Range neighborh... more

The Missoula Marathon: You Can Do It!

By SILKE JAUCK - “Yes, you can do it!” So says Anders Brooker, the Missoula Marathon Race Director. Here's the scoop about local training programs.... more

A German-Style Christmas in Missoula

By SILKE JAUCK - My Missoula friends ask me about our German Christmas traditions and if we celebrate Christmas "German-style." Here are some of our favorites.... more

The Last of Its Kind: The Orchard Homes Country Life Club

By SILKE JAUCK - You may not be familiar with the Orchard Homes Country Life Club. It's the last Country Life Club in the entire United States, truly the last of its kind.... more

Photo Gallery: The Missoula Hay Bale & Corn Maze

By SILKE JAUCK - Have you taken your children to the Missoula Maze yet? Lucky you, it's open until November 4 on afternoons and evenings Thursday to Sunday.... more

Photo Gallery: Missoula’s New Favorite Down-and-Dirty Race

By SILKE JAUCK - On Sept. 15, I saw one of the funniest events I have ever seen. The crowd dressed as everything from a bride to a moose. Behold, the Dirty Dash.... more

Take a Walk: Exploring Historic Fort Missoula

By SILKE JAUCK - Fort Missoula is the perfect place for a leisurely afternoon stroll. Nestled between the Bitterroot River and South Avenue it's quiet, green, and open.... more

Take a Walk: A Stroll Around the University Campus

By SILKE JAUCK - A few days ago, I took a walk down memory lane at the University of Montana. I'd forgotten how beautiful campus is and how many hidden gems you can find.... more

Cultivating Outdoor Leadership with Missoula’s AWOL Institute

By SILKE JAUCK - Missoula's recently-founded AWOL Institute provides young women the experience of overnight backpacking trips and unique learning opportunities.... more

Take a Walk: The Glacial Lake Missoula High-Water Mark

By KP NICHOLS - 15,000 years ago, Missoula was underwater. Today, you can hike to the highwater mark on Sentinel and Jumbo and use your imagination to fill in the details.... more

Take a Walk: Mission Mountain Ridge

By SILKE JAUCK - For those who like to travel beyond Missoula city limits, the breathtaking Mission Mountains have plenty of foothills and nearby ridges to explore.... more

Take a Walk: Wildflowers on Waterworks Hill

By SILKE JAUCK - Windswept and seemingly barren, Waterworks Hill reveals its charm when you step foot on it. It's perfect for a short, easy walk with rewarding views.... more

Take a Walk: The Quilt Barn Trail

By SILKE JAUCK - The Quilt Barn Trail winds its way through Missoula's Orchard Homes neighborhood, past historic barns adorned with quilt-patterned murals.... more

Share the Bounty: Missoula Spring Seed Swap

By SILKE JAUCK - Come exchange spring plants and seeds at the second Missoula Plant & Seed Swap on May 11 at the Orchard Homes Country Life Club.... more

Good Ideas: Repair It, Missoula

By SILKE JAUCK - I've started a “Repair It, Missoula” list on Make it Missoula! Add local repair shops for shoes, books, watches, etc. in the comments and we'll have a go-to community resource for repairs.... more

Winter Anticipation in Missoula

By SILKE JAUCK - Christmas has passed, but one word keeps lingering in my head: Anticipation. Anticipation is the winter sun rising over Mt Sentinel and making its way to my Target Range neighborhood. ... more

Made in Montana Christmas Gifts

By SILKE JAUCK - Proud as I am to be German, I am also proud to be American. I try hard buy American-made products. Here are some made in the USA and Montana Christmas ideas.... more

A Mom’s Letter to Santa

By SILKE JAUCK - Dear Santa, I know there are several weeks till Christmas, but I thought would ahead of all the children writing. I know you are a very busy man, but I hope you read my letter before it goes in... more

Happy Hiking: Discover Missoula and the Bitterroot on Foot

By SILKE JAUCK - Fall has become one of my favorite seasons and Montana is the perfect place to spend it. On most days, the Big Sky is truly a big sky and I like waking up to the calls of our surrounding mounta... more

Share the Bounty: Missoula Seed Swap

By SILKE JAUCK. Save the date - and your seeds! Missoula Seed Swap: January 20, 2012 at Orchard Homes Country Club.... more

Don’t Kill the Light

By SILKE JAUCK. Moving to a different country also means learning more about its language. Sometimes I feel very close to English, even dream in it. Other times I feel like there are worlds apart between Engli... more

2 Responses to “Don’t Kill the Light”

  1. Silke,
    English major here, and ashamed to say I’ve never given our tendencies towards violent language a thought. Will do so in the future. Great blog!

  2. Sidney Patin says:

    Silke, there is nothing wrong with a culture that is able to protect itself from invaders – especially if the invaders know it. The United States has been a force to be reckoned with since WW-II (I guess you would know that) but we are losing our edge. This country should become more of a warrior culture, not less. If we do not, some other country who is more prepared will take over and this country will become subservient to them. As long as I’m around, that’s not going to happen in my little bubble of this country. Sorry if you are a peacenik, but children need to be taught the reality of life, not some polyanna idea of peace and tranquility. For me, I will continue to teach my children about guns, shooting, and killing when necessary, to protect themselves and their freedom.

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