Planning a Perfect Wedding

The perfect wedding is not the culmination of a carefully orchestrated event. It is not the result of meticulous planning or hard work. A wedding that is described as a perfect wedding does not need to have several floral arrangements or fancy catering. Although, all these add to the atmosphere of the day. Sometimes you don’t have to plan the wedding all by yourself.

You need people to help you create a memorable one. In some countries, people enter television competitions such as Married in A Flash or Our Perfect Wedding. Therefore, production companies choose winners and allocate budget for the winner. Whenever they get stuck, the production team or a knowledgeable presenter steps in and helps the couple.

Keys to a Perfect Wedding

  1. Love is the most important thing that needs to be present before tying theknot. The couple getting married must be in love not what we see in the celebrity news where people get married today and six months later they get divorced. A truly special wedding is the union of two souls that complete each other. This is the best kind of wedding.  After all a wedding is a celebration of the commitment that people have made which is based on love. Without the love there very little else to celebrate regarding weddings.
  2. Friends and family that care. Any gathering that is blessed by the presence of friends and family that share in the joy and happiness of the hosts is usually successful. There are those friends and family members who you want to be at the event but the ones that should make it to your guest list are those that deserve to share with you this special day. Most caterers charge per plate. This means that you have to be careful not to spend money on someone who will not show up just like that person has always done. Or spend money inviting someone who will soon disappear out of your life.

Have fun. Every one gets one shot at having the perfect wedding. Although some people end up getting married more than twice.  Since there is very small likely-hood of getting a second chance you have to get it right the first time. This means that you have to do things that make you happy instead of trying to please other people at your own expense on  YOUR special day