Hints of Spring in Missoula


Recently Inspired by the Caras nursery sign “Seeds and Hints of Spring”, our family went out to find these firsts hints of spring in Missoula. And sure enough, we did not have go far. The first crocus was blossoming in our garden and migratory birds seemed to be in every tree. We were motivated to get our bicycles out for the first family bike ride of the season.

I sometimes forget about all the old and new bicycles trails Missoula has and how enjoyable it is to ride on them. “By accident”, our tour led us directly to the Big Dipper Ice Cream where was already a long line forming of other “hints of spring” seekers. Our family’s favorite flavors included chocolate, huckleberry and vanilla caramel swirl–but with the “Big D” you really can’t go wrong.

On the way home we took the newly finished extension of the “Milwaukee Trail”, which is west of Russell Street, next to Home Resource. I was impressed at how well it was designed and how quiet this trail is. Riding it along, we found even more “hints of spring” in people’s gardens.

Curious about the new section of the Milwaukee Trail, I went online and learned about the Bike Walk Alliance for Missoula (BWAM) and I wanted to use this platform to thank BWAM for their great work on getting Missoula more and more walker and bicycle friendly.

Enjoy your walk or cycling tour when looking for the first “hints of spring” in your garden and beyond,



My family was inspired by the Caras Nursery sign.
My family was inspir...
Crocus coming up in our yard is indeed one of the first signs of spring.
Crocus coming up in ...
Milwaukee Trail
Milwaukee Trail
On the Milwaukee Trail
On the Milwaukee Trail


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