Good Ideas: Repair It, Missoula


I’m originally from Germany and have had to listen to plenty of teasing about our obsession with recycling and the meticulous way we organize our recycling. Okay, I’m obsessed with recycling, but even more so with repairing.

We all have our trusted car mechanic and plumber. But oftentimes, I find myself in search of local businesses that offer other repair services.

For example, where do we get our shoes repaired? Watch batteries changed? In Missoula, we have at least three places in town that repair shoes.

Here is my idea: Let’s start a “Repair It, Missoula” list on Make it Missoula. With everyone’s input, the list gets longer and we are better able to reuse and recycle, and reduce our input to the landfill. Add your own favorite local repair shops in the comments below, and we’ll add them to this post.

And for non-Missoulians: If you like this idea, start a “Repair It” list for your community!

Happy repairs,


Find out where to get shoes, books, watches, and more repaired in Missoula.


Repair It, Missoula

Book restoration:

Shoe repair:

  • Archer’s Grizzly Boot Co.: 549-1555
  • Lloyd’s Shoe Repair: 721-7551
  • Logan’s Boot & Shoe Repair: 721-3182

Watch battery replacement and jewelry repair:


Silke Jauck is a German native and Missoulian by choice. She and her family have packed and unpacked their suitcases and moving boxes in four continents and have finally settled in Missoula and called it home. She lives with her husband, three daughters, and a dwarf rabbit in the Target Range neighborhood. Silke is the publisher of Friendship Book, a made-in-Montana keepsake and activity book for children ages 6-12. She also has a blog about life hacks at Silke Good Ideas, and you can visit her Make it Missoula blog archive.