A Mom’s Letter to Santa


Dear Santa,

I know there are several weeks till Christmas, but I thought would write ahead of all the children writing. I know you are a very busy man and highly in demand, but I hope you read my letter before it goes in the recycling bin.

All I want for Christmas this year are positive role models for my teenagers and soon-to-be teenagers. It would be great if these role models were as famous as the ones on TV or on the front pages of the magazines which are placed at the checkout counter of my supermarket. I don’t know if you have seen their pictures or read their stories at the North Pole.

I know I can’t have everything for Christmas, and I have just this one wish: This Christmas, can you please open your bag give us some well-behaved, famous role models? I prefer those without any tattoos and body piercings. When they compose their songs, can they please use appropriate language and behavior? It would be great if they know how to say “please” and “thank you” and “good morning” and such and don’t use f* words. Oh, before I forget, they should prefer milk over alcohol, friendship over jail time, and sports over drug use.

If they don’t fit in your bag, maybe you can get some little ones. But please not like on these TV shows for children where kids run the show with no parents being around or if there are parents somewhere, there are just some weird goofballs. My children’s TV role models need to treat their parents with respect and are at home doing their homework and chores without constant reminders and spend time with their “good kids” friends. Of course, here I also prefer the ones without tattoos or piercings.

Please dear Santa, make my wish come true. I have behaved this year. I made my bed every day, didn’t swear at my parents, did all my chores, and ate all my vegetables.

– Silke


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Silke Jauck is a German native and Missoulian by choice. She and her family have packed and unpacked their suitcases and moving boxes in four continents and have finally settled in Missoula and called it home. She lives with her husband, three daughters, and a dwarf rabbit in the Target Range neighborhood. Silke is the publisher of Friendship Book, a made-in-Montana keepsake and activity book for children ages 6-12. She also has a blog about life hacks at Silke Good Ideas.